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Betterworks Announces Additional Investments

Monday, April 15th, 2019

Betterworks has announced that it has secured an extra investment of $27 million, bringing its overall Series B investments to $51 million. Outside of Series B funding rounds, the company has raised another $16 million, bringing the full investments to $67 million. Betterworks has noted that the leading investors in the Series B round were Emergence Capital, who also had additional help from Kleiner Perkins; the company also announced that there were a variety of seed investors throughout the entire process. It also announced that these investments would go toward continuing product innovation and development.

Over the past few years, Betterworks has developed and released a variety of different products and services for businesses. The majority of these have been focused on performance management tasks, with the most prominent being oal creation, performance conversations, and feedback. It’s also been noted that over the past few years, the majority of these products and services have been used an increasing amount of time by businesses and have been incredibly successful. With that in mind, it’s also been noted that activities using these products related to these tasks have doubled over the last year. Betterworks has also noted that this has also seen a positive effect on the likes of enterprise agility, alignment, talent retention, and overall performance.

Speaking about the most recent round of investments, John Doerr, chairman of Kleiner Perkins, noted that Betterworks provides a complete solution to many of the tasks that businesses need to do. As a result of this, he’s noted that businesses who utilize these services are seeing a significant amount of benefits across the company. Furthermore, he’s noted that these investments will go toward increasing Betterworks’ competitive advantage in the area, while also continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations as the company grows and continues to innovate.

Southridge Capital, one of the key players in the financial industry

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Southridge Capital is one of the best equity companies in the United States that any given business organization would go for in case they need any finance and investment advice. The company was started in the middle 1990’s by one of the best-known entrepreneurs in The United States, Steven Hikes. Southridge Capital has been able to explode into growth rapidly over the few years it has been in operation due to his vast experience and expertise in the sector.


According to PRNewswire, Steven Hike, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, has enormous experience in the area of derivatives, risk arbitrage, financial structuring and investment banking. He has a rich educational background too with a bachelor’s degree from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor in New York in Business Administration as well as a master’s degree from Fordham University in New York.


Southridge Capital has highly experienced staffs that are conversant with the financial sector, and they know the problems and all the challenges that business organisations go through and therefore they can give the best services to their clients. The quality services that they provide are one reason that they have been able to market themselves all over the world because satisfaction of the clients is always the best advertisement and business organisation can use. You can visit their website



Some of the services offered by the company are balance sheet optimisation for their clients. This is to enable them to have the ability to be able to balance between the depts and the equities of the company. This way, they can reduce the probability of bankruptcy. Another service that is offered by Southridge Capital is helping in the financial analysis for their clients. They help them to design the best financial statements for them that are in line with the business operations to assist them in making the right decisions that will enhance achievements f their objectives.


Besides, Southridge also participates in giving back to the community by supporting a significant number f charity groups. The CEO of the company, Steven Hike together with his wife founded the Daystar Foundation that promotes various charity organisations such as Huss Memorial Scholarship and Saves A Child’s Heart Foundation.



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The types of Initiatives that George Soros Has Been Supporting

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

George Soros is one of the most dedicated crusaders for social justice and equal treatment for all humans. He has been working with Open Society Foundations for more than two decades. Perhaps it is the experiences that he had when he was growing up that made him have a soft spot for people who are being discriminated as a result of their religious beliefs, ethnicity or color. Whatever his inspiration is, the contribution that he has made towards the creation of better societies around the world is indisputable and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He was born to Jewish parents and grew up during a time when the Nazis were occupying the country. When he was a teenager, the Holocaust started, and he was forced to flee his country and go to the UK. Life was tough in the UK, and he was compelled to work as a porter for a railway station and also as a busboy to pay his way through college. He graduated from the London School of Economics and went ahead to get his masters and Ph.D. in finance. He did work for a few hedge funds before starting his first hedge fund. His real financial breakthrough came when he made a short sale of ten billion sterling pounds and made a billion dollars in profit. After this sale, he moved his businesses to New York and more information click here.

He has been operating from New York for the past three decades. His interest in open society foundations started in the 90’s. He has been involved in the creation of better societies in Eastern Europe and was one of the driving forces behind the fall of the Berlin Wall. He was also involved in the campaigning for the educational rights of some black students in South Africa, who had been denied access to University education and what George Soros knows.

The other initiative that he has been part of is his involvement with the Liberals. He has supported the agendas of the Democratic Party since he moved to the US. He has supported Liberal presidential candidates such as John Kerry, Barrack Obama and most recently, Hillary Clinton. After Bush beat Kerry in 2004, he had dialed back his involvement with the Democrats and politics in general, but last year, he renewed his investment in their policies. Even though Clinton did not make it to office last year, Soros has been a staunch believer in her style of politics since the start and learn more about George Soros.

George was also a financier of the protests that took place in Ferguson over the killing of Brown. He financed the hiring of the buses which took protestors to Missouri because he firmly believes that no one should be treated unjustly just because of their skin color and Follow his Twitter.

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Why Agora Financial is the Best Advisor for Your Investment Plan

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Agora Financial is a leading innovator of the financial advice industry for more than twenty-five years. It is a privately owned publishing company that produces email and print media that includes books, publications, and conferences. The organization was established by Bill Bonner in 1979. Using its combined resources, Agora Financial can make successful investments. Its main goal is to help the clients sort conflicting ideas and advice that arise daily.

Agora helps the customers that do not know how to analyze market trends to invest their extra earnings. Figuring out how and when to invest finances can be a challenge, but Agora Financial is there to protect their clients’ wealth. Agora not only helps one to identify the best company for rapid growth but also equips them with wealth protection strategies and secrets of generating income. Agora Financial research is carefully collected from different parts of the world like South Africa and Mongolia to determine the best investment scheme.

Using the best possible evidence, Agora Financial helps the clients to manage their money. Its financial forecasts are independent and unbiased, and they have been recognized by several media sources like The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. The firm offers a broad range of financial ideas with more than fourteen publications.

The parent company of Agora Financial moved in 1994 to Mount Vernon district. Its operations have since expanded to over a dozen buildings in the region that include mansions being converted into office space. Agora added a modern functionality to the offices while still maintaining the opulent charm. It has been recognized and awarded for this unique transformation. The headquarters of the firm is at 808 St. Paul where it was originally located in two homes before they merged into one in the 1920’s. This building, later on, became the Sons of Italy and was the first Grand Lodge of the state of Maryland.

The Agora subsidiary is what turned out to be Agora Financial that moved into a new building in 2001. Some of the upgrades on the building include a library that features a collection of books which ones belonged to Dr. Kurt Richebacher and a recording studio.

Philip Diehl’s Opinion On Matters Related To The Elimination Of The Penny And How The US Money Reserve Is Fairing

Friday, January 29th, 2016

According to Philip Diehl, the elimination of the US penny from circulation is the right step and its expense outweighs its use. Speaking recently at CNBC’s Squawk Box, Philip said that nowadays, people no longer use the penny, and if anyone bends on the streets to pick it up, they are most probably getting paid below minimum wage. Even though different economists hold a very firm belief that taking the penny out of circulation will harm the economy by increasing inflation and distorting prices, he thinks that they are recycling the same argument that has been in use for not less than 25 years.

As reported by PR NewsWire, Philip pointed out that we are living in an era where most of the shopping is done electronically, therefore, very few if any transactions would get affected by the elimination. He also thinks that many businesses would resort to rounding off prices so as to avoid instances where they would be required to give the penny as loose change. He also thinks that not all businesses would increase the prices because they would be forced by competition from peers to reduce.

Philip said that the penny is beyond hope when it comes to being redeemed because it will save Americans not less than $105 million annually. Many who have been opposing the elimination are industry players in the coin making industry who are contracted to make the zinc lobby and coin’s blanks.

The US Money Reserve belongs to the league of the nation’s biggest distributors of US government issued precious coins made from gold, silver and platinum. The company serves hundreds of thousands of clients and plays a very crucial role in helping them diversify their assets with physical precious metals.

The company has a professional operating team that is adequately prepared to conduct proper coin research as well as deal with the market at a manner that is professional so as to help identify products that have the highest profit returns.

The US Money Reserve is well respected when matters related to going above the normal industry standards and norms are concerned so as to ensure that it delivers the best results. It is based in Austin, Texas and it also very involved with community matters. Recently, it was involved in a campaign to help raise funds for the Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa. It is also open every day of the week for either new or old clients who might need to get help with investing.

Brian Mulligan of Brooknol Advisers – Renaissance Man.

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


Brian Mulligan considers himself to be a fortunate man. He contributes his successes to a solid education, working smart, and professing strong leadership characteristics.
Over a 30-year career in the media/entertainment field, he has held such offices as Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Senior Vice President of MCA, Inc.
Currently Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, a company and website that marries Mulligan’s extensive media background with his knowledge and interest in the dynamic world of professional sports business.
Its Field of Green blog-type format covers sports marketing, finance, law, media, technology and sports venues like stadiums and arenas. What CNBC television is to Wall Street and the financial world, Brooknol Advisers and the Field of Green website are to the business end of professional sports.
All professional sports are covered on The Fields of Green website including The Fan Index, a link that presents the latest in NASCAR racing news. A strong team of noted sports writers and columnists contribute sporting articles and essays. Mulligan himself writes occasionally about the latest in sports business and offers his opinions on legal and media sports matters. Fifteen direct links to sports business sites also provide the interested sports fans with the latest in sporting news.
It takes a special breed of executive, a renaissance type person, to be able to occupy the various seats of power that Brian Mulligan has held over his career. His higher education interests and background have certainly played a role in his lofty successes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Then he went across town and earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.
One of the more interesting articles Mulligan has written recently for Field of Green offered suggestions to young people interested in pursuing the business end of sports as a career. Putting low-paying apprenticeships aside, which are hard to come by anyway, Mulligan titled his article, “Volunteering is the best way into sports business.”
His thinking is that helping young people gain a resume and exposure to sports executives, agents, and the athletes themselves are keys in helping them build a sport-business career. Volunteering for even the most menial of jobs in both the sports and media world is often the best and fastest way to open the doors to that exposure.