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A Profile of Executive Michael Nierenberg

Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Michael Nierenberg is the Board Chairman, chief executive officer and President of the real estate investment trust firm known as New Residential Investment Corp. In May of 2016, he was appointed to be the Chairman of the Board. Three years prior in 2013, Michael was named the chief executive officer and President. Prior to becoming the top executive of New Residential, Nierenberg was the top executive and head of global mortgages at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Michael joined Bank of America in 2008 after leading the global securities division at JP Morgan. He has also been the managing director of an investment bank. During his career, Michael has also held a number of senior leadership positions at firms such as Bear Stearns.

Throughout his career, Michael Nierenberg has held a number of top positions in the mortgage and finance industry. One of the most common positions he held was when he managed the department in charge of global mortgages and financial securities. At this position, he was responsible for managing and overseeing mortgages and other debt financing arrangements. He would work with clients and offices all over the world. While serving at this position, he was able to provide sound leadership as well as direction on how to manage this particular department. With this experience, he was able to move on to other key leadership positions.

Another position that Michael Nierenberg has held was overseeing the department that managed interest rate and foreign exchange trading. This position consisted of managing and overseeing operations pertaining to revenues received through interest payments. It also included overseeing transactions pertaining to trading of foreign currencies. The position would allow Michael to get more experience in key financial operations at investment banks and financial services firms.

One of the most notable positions that Michael Nierenberg has held during his career is as part of the director board. He served at this position when he was still working at Bear Stearns. While he was a part of this group, he would provide leadership and strategy for the firm to reach its various goals. He was also a member of Lehman Brothers and was responsible for helping the firm build its business of providing adjustable rate mortgages.

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Get Superior Financial Consulting From Equities First Holdings

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

The Equities First Holdings Group allows you to gain complete access to your loan options with less hassle. There are a number of individuals that have swayed from the bank because of their lengthy creditworthiness test. In fact, the EFH Group focuses on financial education to assist their clients. More importantly, their goal is allowing their customers to take a 5-minute wealth test to find out where their finances stand.

Their subsidiary groups like Meridian Global are a better alternative lending option for immediate equity needs. Their goal is to take a discreet look over your finances. Many clients have enjoyed being able to have a financial consultant nudging them back on track. They have a small firm that offers their clients personalized financial services. There are many ways to get the best out of your finances at any stage. Learn more about the Equities First Holdings Group by visiting their online website today.

Finance Entrepreneur Randal Nardone

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur who currently runs the financial securities management firm Fortress Investment Group. He has spent the last two decades managing and operating this firm. Under his leadership, he has been able to built it into one of the top alternative asset management firms in the world. Before he started up Fortress Investment Group, Nardone was a managing director of two other investment firms. He has also worked at a New York City law firm. According to Forbes magazine, Randal Nardone among the richest Americans as he was named to the list of billionaires.

Prior to starting his career, Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut

Prior to starting his career, Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut

Prior to starting his career, Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut. While attending this college, he majored in English and biology. He would eventually complete bachelor of arts programs in both fields and go on to attend law school. Nardone got accepted to and attended Boston University in order to complete his legal education. After completing law school, Randal was awarded a JD degree and went on to first pursue a career in law. When he completed law school, Nardone worked at the law firm known as Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood where he would serve as a member of the executive committee.

While he had a successful career as a lawyer, Randal Nardone was looking to get in to the field of finance He developed an interest in this field and therefore pursued opportunities at investment firms. One of his experiences in the financial services industry is when he worked at the Swiss based firm known as UBS. Nardone hold the position of managing director and help establish it as a leading investment management firm. His next experience in the financial services industry was when he was a member of Blackrock Financial Management. Nardone become the managing director of this firm before starting up Fortress Investment Group.

In 1998, Randal Nardone teamed up with other industry professionals to found the investment firm that he currently manages. He would look to establish the firm as a leading asset management company. Over the next two decades, the firm would steadily grow into a global entity. As a result, it has become one of the most successful firms in the industry. Randal would serve as the principal and co chief executive officer.

The Amazing Credit Solutions Provided by GreenSky Credit Corporation

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

David Zalik aged 43 years old, is the founder of the GreenSky Corporation, a company that deals with providing credit solutions to customers in the nation. He has a great history of success in his business career and therefore advises young entrepreneurs on effective ways of accomplishing their business goals. David Malik has played a great role in connecting various customers to financial institutions in the United States through his platform. This has helped in improving lives of many individuals in the country and hence GreenSky Company gains recognition for it.

The GreenSky Company was founded in 2006 as a private corporation with its headquarters being based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is highly praised for its proficiency in availing credit services to all their customers in the country. It partners with financial institutions to offer technological improvements meant to enhance services to their customers. The company thus acts as an intermediary in the provision of the credit services to all its customers within the United States. Some of these services include loan advancements, healthiness , furniture, roofing, window fittings, and installation of solar services in homes of the customers.

This provides an easier way of accessing reasonably prized funds among young entrepreneurs or even other interested consumers. Other medium organizations or companies are also not left out in this. All these efforts are centered on improving lives of the clients they work with. In all these services GreenSky gives a chance to customers to acquire loans of the amounts that suits their needs.

Most businesses thus use these funds to finance  their businesses in purchases of goods and all other transactions involved in the business until the final sales are completed. Customers access these loans through the financial institutions such as banks and other microfinancing organizations. However, the loan credibility is based on the customer’s pas t information on the payment issue.

The company, therefore, has no attempts at being a business rival to banks in the industry since they are completely different in their operations. Any financial institution willing to partner  with GreenSky can thus do it comfortably to advance its services as well as maximizing its profits.

OSI Industries — The Food Megalith

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Flagship Europe is one of the leading providers of beef, chicken, and other meat in Europe. The company has recently been bought out by OSI Industries. The companies both came to a mutual agreement and settled the paperwork in private. It was a beneficial deal for both sides. The people of Europe now have the benefit of two great food production companies providing them with their daily dietary needs. The companies are proud of their great production facilities and can produce hundreds of pounds of meat in a single day. The merger happened at the perfect time in history. The world population ins increasing at a more rapid rate than ever before and people are eating more meat in their diets than previous years. The production capacity of OSI Industries will benefit the world in more ways than we have even known.

OSI Industries has a long history of providing the best service possible for the world’s population. They have been inn business for more than a hundred years and have an extensive list of high profile clients. They are the leading producers of chicken, beef, and other meat in the world and they have remained in the industry because of their high standards of quality and perfection. The meat products that they produce undergo strict scrutiny from a panel of scientists and every piece is properly produced in a humane factory. The conditions for processing the chicken and beef are humane and renovated to cater to the increased need in production. The recent acquisition of Flagship Europe will enhance this production possibility.

OSI Food Solutions is a great example of a high quality company that cares about people. Their facilities have been updated to include larger break rooms and better accommodations for staff. The purchase of Flagship Europe comes after the expansion of their facility in Spain and their purchase of a new factory in the United States. OSI Industries is on pace to continue being the number one producer in the world for meat products and food well into the future. They have maintained a legacy of excellence that many companies cannot compare to. OSI Group’s Global Expansion Progresses Swiftly

Latest Forex Innovations With Jordan Lindsey

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital, and he has also founded other companies in the financial services and technology industries. Jordan Lindsey grew up in New York, where he developed a competitive nature from playing many sports, including tennis and ice hockey, which were his two favorites. Because he was a competitor as a child, Jordan Lindsey also had a passion for starting new businesses and being an entrepreneur. He knew from an early age that he wanted to change the world, and that the way for him to achieve this goal was to start companies and to grow them over time.

When Jordan Lindsey first visited California, he went to San Francisco, and he immediately found a passion for the place. Jordan Lindsey appreciated how the people in the area encouraged each other to share ideas, and to pursue tasks in the creative domain, such as starting a business, perfecting an art form, or writing a song. When he went back to the New York area, he soon moved to San Francisco California as a permanent resident.

Currently, Jordan Lindsey is a veteran in the algo trading markets, and he has also taught himself to become a computer programmer and a systems architecture designer. He studied at Mount Angel Seminary and at St. Joseph’s College. Jordan Lindsey has lived in Argentina, Bosnia, and Mexico. While in Bosnia, he met his wife, and the two fell in love and had three daughters together.

Jordan Lindsey has finished coding an algorithm that will allow users to trade on the foreign exchange markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world. More than five trillion dollars a day is traded between countries, and this creates many opportunities to make a profit if you have the right algorithm. Jordan Lindsey also created his own cryptocurrency to allow him to make a profit by supply and demand.

Adopting healthy traits that lead to a happy life

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Jeffry Schneider is a New-York native who graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is the sole Founder and CEO of an up and coming boutique investment firm that is based in Austin, Texas. The firm applies a rather special perspective to private equity while entirely working with grown organizations that gloat a low level of debt and spawn high income. Jeffry Schneider has taken part in several social causes and humanitarian organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, God’s Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries and Gazelle Foundation.

Wellness programs have really gained popularity through the years. Gone are the days when these programs were simply just employee perks referred to as corporate fitness programs and only offered in large corporations. Wellness programs are currently customary in all corporate settings irrespective of the size of business. In Fact these Wellness programs are now included in most company benefits package. There are several advantages to including wellness programs in corporate settings as these programs are known to provide staff members with incentives, social support, tools, privacy along with the necessary procedures to embrace and keep up healthy traits. Adopting a healthy behavior gradually leads to lower health risks, which in turn reduce the chance of suffering from a Long term disease.

With the risk of suffering from a long term disease out the window staff members are said to have fewer health care costs. Wellness programs are mostly applied in worksites. Most worksites go out of their way to assist in the advancement of their employees’ health. These worksites both public and private stress on wellness programs so much so that they can be referred to as long-term disease prevention centers.

Most medical facilities are good when it comes to treating illnesses as well as early detection of these illnesses; however they don’t contribute much when it comes to preventing these particular illnesses. The total influence and effect of wellness programs in worksites alone definitely overshadows any attempt to ameliorate the health of adults. Most worksites understand the perks of having a physically healthy group of staff and are therefore enacting these wellness programs in a much more consistent and effective manner because they enjoy the benefits that come with wellness.

Jeffry Schneider


Wellness programs have received a lot of attention for decades as compared to any other benefits offered in worksites. There are several meticulous scientific analysis concerned with the effect wellness programs has on people. Wellness programs are said to have more research concerning the effect as compared to any other research ever done. However there’s no certainty in the research as no research can be considered perfect. After a series of evaluating programs performed by scientist, there is a substantial amount of solid data that to show the benefits of having a wellness program.

Jeffery Schneider expresses his views on wellness in his blog post –‘Not your typical wellness blog’. In this blog he starts off by explaining that for a trend to transform into a habit and gradually become a lifestyle, it must be viable, versatile and above all something that one can enjoy. He continues to say that the act of giving up something is rather simple as compared to keeping it up. Jeffery believes that self-restraint can be considered maintainable and even more challenging than the constant switching between abstinence and satisfaction.

He adds that science shows that a semi-vegetarian diet, a highly social lifestyle and vigorous muscle workouts are all we need to lead a much happier and healthier life. When it comes to deciding on a wellness program, Jeff says that he’d rather hand-pick the most suitable regime from the list of wellness programs that are mostly compatible with his hasty, travel-oriented lifestyle.