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Southridge Capital in the Finance Sector

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Mr. Stephen M. Hicks is an entrepreneur and businessman, and he is the founder of Southridge Capital LLC. The company offers financial solutions and have seen its business grow continually since its founding in 1996. Since the year of its founding, Southridge Capital LLC has become a top competitor in the field of offering financial solutions, offering clients solutions that are customized to their personal needs.

Since he established the Southridge, Mr. Stephen M. Hicks has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. His responsibilities include directing the company and deciding the strategy of the business. As the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stephen Hicks also looks after the proper execution of the strategies and the business development of the company.

The Southridge Capital LLC is big on investments. The company recently announced that it had achieved da total sum of 2 billion USD that they have directed towards funding other companies that are oriented towards growth. The Suthridge Capital LLC is working towards its own expansion as well and is growing its personal assets. The company is currently working on several projects that will result in bigger proportions and added services to its portfolio.

The career of Mr. Stephen M. Hicks started more than 30 years ago. During his career, he has served at many companies. Before he founded the Southridge Capital LLC, M. Stephen M. Hicks was working at companies such as the Trans-Pacific Capital, Norton & Co, Sutherland Capital, Winsor IBC, and the Wertheim Schroeder. Mr. Stephen M. Hicks has achieved a lot of experience in the fields o proprietary trading such as equity derivatives, volatility trading, transactional structuring, risk arbitrage and so on.

His education Mr. Stephen M. Hicks achieved from the King’s College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Busines administration. Then he studied at the Fordham University and graduating with his master’s degree in Finance in 1983.

Up to date, Mr. Stephen M. Hicks is also serving at the Daystar Foundation as well as at the Murray and Louise Hicks Charitable Foundation. Bot organizations were created to fund other charitable groups working nationally and globally. Check out their Facebook and Twitter page.

Richard Dwayne Blair Give Each Client Respect and Dignity

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Registered Investment Advisor Richard Dwayne Blair recently discussed what he dubs the “Three Pillars” of financial planning. This approach is used by Richard to help ensure that he provides each his customers with a personalized, holistic plan that provides them with the security they need at retirement.

He describes the first pillar as establishing a definitive roadmap tailored to each client’s specific needs, This is accomplished by interviewing the client and asking all of the right question to establish this map. These questions include specific details about the clients goals, risk management, and their particular strengths. This can help the customer be more involved in the process and provide them with investments that they understand. This is vital to allowing the client to be an active participant in their plan.

The second pillar involves using the information from pillar one to create a customized long-term plan. This include creating a platform to constantly allow the client to track their performance.

The final pillar involves establishing the insurance needs of the client. Insurance coverage too often goes overlooked in this industry and Richard Dwayne Blair makes that the final step, which can save a client’s portfolio in rough times that can occur in life.

Richard Dwayne Blair is the owner and founder of Wealth Solutions, and investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He has over 25 years of experience in helping people plan for retirement and building wealth. He takes on the challenge of helping those who do not understand investing and takes pride in each client’s success.


Richard believes that each individual has their own needs and desires so customizing a plan is vital for success. There is no cookie cutter approach that will satisfy each individual’s needs. Through careful planning, Richard believes that every person can prepare for a comfortable retirement no matter their income level. Through the use of his Three Pillar Approach he has helped thousands of people create portfolios that allow them to retire with dignity. His firm believes in treating each client with respect and providing them with excellent service.