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Searching Through Trash For Food

Monday, June 20th, 2016

There should never be a time when residents of a state or a country have to dig through trash just to find food to eat or to sell for money, but those who live in Venezuela are doing just that because of a food shortage and an energy crisis. Even business owners like Norka have to dig through the trash just so they won’t starve. This is something that people aren’t accustomed to doing. According to the Latino Show Magazine, the food that is found is being hoarded or sold for a substantial amount of money because of the demand. People who are unemployed are searching high and low for just the smallest morsel. In a state that is rich in oil, digging through a dumpster should not be an option. However, food banks don’t have enough supplies to keep up with the need, so they are turning people away, forcing them to look for other options.