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Genucel By Chamonix Supports Women While Empowering Contributions Help Build Confidence

Friday, February 1st, 2019


Once a woman experiences any type of abuse, the typical result is lowered self-worth, diminished self-esteem, and even self-inflicted violence. Although the violence is mostly physical, the internal dialogue that victims of abuse experience include an ongoing thought pattern that can be just as bad, if not worse. Therefore, it’s vitally important that those individuals use self-care methods to not only find ways to increase their personal worth and value but to also find tangible ways to bring out the best in themselves. It is a practical way for women, who have suffered immense abuse, to overcome post-abuse symptoms, which can remain dormant and show up when least expected.

When a woman, who has suffered from abuse, is able to channel the negative energy and feelings of inadequacy into creative expressions, such as through dance and art, it has resulted in an effective self-care routine that improves upon those feelings. Additionally, it’s important that they make a concentrated effort to focus on maintaining a healthy body, by using proper hygiene methods on a daily basis and develop a regular exercise routine. Mental health professionals, as well as survivors of abuse, highly recommend these types of self-care methods for achieving an improved physical and emotional well-being, after an experience of systemic abuse.

Genucel, which is a subsidiary of Chamonix, has provided support for many of the women of abuse through “beauty bags,” which include items such as toiletries and Gunucel products that are intended to improve a woman’s self-image. These items were earmarked for Women Aware as support of the organizations’ ongoing services. Women Aware was founded in 1981 and provides food, shelter and recovery programs for abuse victims. Not only are Genucel by Chamonix products useful in helping victims rise up from their state of depressed feelings and unworthiness, but the products provide the right formula for reducing the appearance of age-related wrinkles and damaged skin.

Through a patented PhotoCellTec technology, Genucel has been successful in using the Malus Domestica plant to reduce age-related wrinkles, as well as divots within the skin, which both are often much more visible when continued abuse occurs. Furthermore, after the use of the products, a victim’s confidence rises, which typically takes a huge toll from the abuse.

In addition to providing monetary and product support, the company actively participated in the first “Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk.” It is the intent of Genucel to further assist Woman Aware with continued products and help restore the self-esteem of women and children everywhere. Learn more about Genucel on


Dedicated Philanthropist Avi Weisfogel Assists Operation Smile

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Operation Smile is an organization close to Avi Weisfogel’s heart. The program, which originated in 1972 in the Philippines, assists children overcome conditions such as cleft palates and lips. The need for help in these areas is enormous worldwide. Founded by Dr. and Mrs. William Magee, a dentist and his nurse wife, the organization raises money to provide supplies for the surgeries for children in need internationally, with services provided by volunteer medical staff.

Avi Weisfogel is so passionate about this foundation that he has formed a page to raise donations for the cause. He began his career as a dentist in his home state of New Jersey where he opened a very successful practice. His curriculum vitae is an impressive testament to his dedication to dental care and philanthropy. With degrees from Rutgers and the New York College of Dentistry, Avi Weisfogel won Best Dentist awards for multiple years.

Avi Weisfogel then became interested in the issues that trouble dental patients experience when they also suffer from sleep apnea. He went on to found a company, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients where he educates dentists about sleep apnea and its impact on dental health. This successful program made a great impact, and he added on an additional program, Dental Sleep Masters. In this program, Avi Weisfogel instructs dentists in the use of oral devices to help their patients improve their sleep issues.

Avi’s dedication to dental health and philanthropy prompted him to start his page to benefit the Operation Smile organization. Children in sixty countries around the world profoundly benefit from the services provided by this organization. Operation Smile has performed over a quarter million surgeries, trained local medical staff and donated supplies. Avi hopes to raise money to assist this worthwhile organization with continuing its efforts to help children in need.

Keith Mann’s Generosity Provides Scholarship for Achievement

Friday, February 19th, 2016

A Scholarship For Professional Achievement
Keith Mann has made an announcement that will recognize the future leaders who are seniors at an Uncommon School in Brooklyn. The Uncommon School is a non-profit charter facility. Every year there will be a scholarship opportunity for a senior at an Uncommon School. This is an opportunity that will make certain that one student will have the funding that will allow them to attend college. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is being implemented because they have a desire to show their support for the goal of the Uncommon School. The goal of the school is to prepare students for success. The students are low income and the school has the goal of continuing education through college. The generous scholarship will support the mission of the Uncommon School.

How it Works for Senior Students
The senior applicants will need to write an essay. This must be 1000 words in total. The essay requires that every student explain exactly how a college degree will help them to achieve all of their professional goals. This scholarship is designed to find the future generation of leaders. This will be a generation of innovative leaders within the business area. This application process is available to students until February 29, 2016. The name of the winner will be known by the end of March.

The Result
The end result of the scholarship and the application process will enable one of the students to have the necessary funding to go to a four year college. The scholarship is for the amount of 5,000 dollars. The end result will also support the future leaders with their higher education. This is a win-win end result.

Keith Mann is an Advocate for Education
Keith Mann is the Founder of Dynamics Search Partners. It should be known, he also is a firm advocate for education. He does have a commitment to the discovery of powerful leaders too. Once the leaders have been identified, Mann will ensure that they are matched with a company that will foster their success. Keith Mann believes in education for the future.