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George Soros Fear About Chinas Economy Affect US Money Reserve

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


US Money Reserve, the largest distributor of government, issued precious metals all over Europe, and even Antarctica is also having a rough from the various predictions made by George Soros about the effect Chinas economy will have on the global market. Their sales are not as they would have expected them to be. This is from a recent podcast of the US Money Reserve President in a radio station. US Money Reserve deals with gold coins believed to be .9999% pure gold which is sold on legal tender conditions.

The variety of precious coins in the legal tenders includes the 1 OZ gold American eagle, common date 50$ Buffalo bullion, 1OZ Silver American Eagle,1 OZ gold Canadian maple leaf among others. From the podcast the US Money Reserve president Phillip Diehl popularly known for his creation of the 50 states quarter program while at Mint to bring platinum precious metals that are government issued in the market; thinks that what makes the US Money Reserve unique and trustworthy is its operation on legal tenders. This creates an assurance of quality metals for all buyers and all distributors directly linked to the reserve.

Philip while at the podcast also reflects back to the damage that the 2008 crisis made to the US Money Reserve and is for the fear if the same happens to Chinas release of more money on the market that would make the value of the dollar too high bringing on a crisis. He most definitely is a thinker like Soros. The reserve has created dynamic opportunities for many investors and they also have a variety of precious metals to choose from. Philip gives a concern of the presence of many counterfeits in the US market from the illegal trading conducted by some Middle East distributors. But this should not worry investors as precious metals issued by the US government are purely gold, platinum and silver with no alterations whatsoever.

For Philip Diehl, the most rewarding aspect of his job is customer satisfaction. He feels great when he see the staffs committed to offering good customer service. Through this, they have learnt to expand their entrepreneurial policy to serve more customers in addition to their expanded network. The motivation of his work is related to making more customers happy that’s why they also have a very strong return policy. The podcast reveals that Philip is the perfect person to fit in the position of the US Money Reserve. He has an outgoing personality that has made him make huge deals in the past. He has also proven to be a person of high integrity in his work. Investing in precious metals from US Money Reserve proofs to be satisfying and fulfilling.

Source: PR Newswire

U.S. Money Reserve Puts Itself Behind Capital Area Food Bank In Central Texas.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


Precious metals distributor U.S. Money Reserve is putting its clout behind Capital Area Food Bank in Texas via a CrowdRise crowd funding campaign.

With contributions to over 70 non-profit organizations, U.S. Money Reserve is no stranger to social responsibility. Their list of charitable contributions ranges from Boy Scouts of America to the Haiti Relief Fund with many recognizable and worthy causes in between . This time, U.S. Money reserve has started a crowd funding campaign and is encouraging others to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank through CrowdRise.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the nations largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins. With a team of over 100 industry professionals, U.S. Money Reserve helps clients choose wisely when investing in precious metals. The majority of satisfied customers currently enjoy profits today.

As noted in a recent Digital Journal article, Capital Area Food Bank distributed 31 million pounds of food to hungry families in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. This is a far throw from the 330 thousand pounds of food distributed in 1982 when CAFB was founded. CAFB currently serves 46 thousand needy people each week. Over 30 years of experience has allowed CAFB to hone in on the most efficient model for fighting hunger in central Texas.

Partnering with U.S Money reserve and Capital Area Food Bank will put donors in league with nearly 300 partnering agencies spanning 21 counties in central Texas.

For anyone who would like to get involved, donations to the CAFB CrowdRise campaign can be made here.