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Resurrecting Old Tupac Footage

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

It is almost amazing to fans to see the amount of footage from deceased artists that still exists. As people celebrate the birthday of Tupac many radio and music channels has brought back old footage of the rapper in various ways. MTV unveiled some interesting photos on the website that provided a glimpse back into the “Live and Die in L.A.” video.

Tupac did a lot of things in a short time frame. There are lots of videos on YouTube. There are a plethora of photos that fans may have taken with the artist. The video shoots, however, provide a lot of content because the footage shows Tupac in place doing what he loves best. When Tupac became a member of Death Row he seemed happier. This is reflected in photos from the “All Eyes on Me” and “Machiavelli” albums.

Fans that see Shakur in these photos still have a hard time believing that the rapper is gone. A large number of rappers has paid tribute to him. Countless stars like Eminem, Jhene Aiko, Drake and Lil’ Wayne have all been influenced by him. On the recent “To Pimp a Butterfly” album Kendrick Lamar even pulled an interview that had never been released before. It is an interesting piece where it sounds as if Kendrick is interviewing Tupac at the end of the album. All of this shows just how great Shakur’s influence was, and the Wall Street Journal did something special for him as well. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can certainly remember him fondly.

Eminem Recalls His Journey Through Hip Hop

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

There are a lot of songs that Eminem has been associated with. His love for hip hop has allowed him to connect with lots of artists and producers to bring classics to the hip hop world. In a recent MTV interview he spoke on elements in the decision making process in his journey.

It is amazing to check the number of people that have been a part of Eminem’s successful ride. He has worked with 50 Cent and Drake. Eminem has had production from producers like Dr. Dre, Mark the 45 King and Premier. He has talked about how all these different sounds have come about over the last decade. His music has broken records, but there were times when he didn’t know that certain songs would be such huge hits. Eminem tested the waters with each new album release.

Eminem has also commented on how rappers battle and how he always wants to stay thirsty. This inspires fans like Paul Mathieson quite a bit. What he looks for in rap is consistency. He has always want to stay in a place where he would be ready to battle at any time. Eminem has a lot of great stories that correlate with his music. He can remember recording multiple songs for his first album with Dre. He doesn’t, however, remember recording the Grammy Winner “Lose Yourself” at all. The original demo is a lost memory to him. He contributed this to drug use.

Drake Might Be Getting Into Rap Battles

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

After Drake has come on top by releasing an album without any prior notice, and have 14 of the songs on the album make it to the billboard charts, you’d think nothing would peak his interest anymore.

That’s not the case at all because it seems that Drake may be getting himself involved into a rap battle ladies n gentlemen. And to make matters worse, Drake wants to battle non other than the Harlem, New York MC Murda Mook.

Paul Mathieson pointed out that Mook has previously mentioned that is almost went down during the Grammy weekend, reported between him and Drake, and everyone would probably love to see that go down.

Drake unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the event back in February due to prior commitments he had in his hometown.

Can you believe that the fans almost got to see a Drake and Mook rap battle for free. That would piss off the record labels and waste a lot of money that could be made if the battle was to take place during a live show.

If these two go on stage for a battle, you better be prepared to spend a lot of money to get a piece of the action and fast too, the tickets will most likely sell out before anyone gets the chance to go online and try to buy them.

Drake had a very big year and we never know what he might do next.

Big Sean’s New Song About Losing And Winning

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Although it’s clear to see that Big Sean is not losing in the relationship department these days, he has created a song entitled “Win Some, Lose Some.” The song is about winning and losing in relationships, as well as with family members and friends. Big Sean. Although Big Sean is known for some hard-hitting rap songs with many explicit lyrics, he shows that he does have somewhat of a sensitive side in this song. Big Sean has an upcoming album that many are anticipating, and he’s recently worked with Drake, Kanye West and John Legend.

It’s also well known that Big Sean is in a relationship with Ariana Grande, and he also works with her musically. Twitter users say things have been going great for Big Sean lately, so there is no need to take his new song as gospel, but take it as a lesson in life. Big Sean and Ariana went on vacation at the beginning of the year, solidifying their newfound public relationship, and letting everyone know that they are a couple. In fact, the duo performed on stage at an awards show, and this was the first time that the two officially became a public couple.

With everything going so well in Big Sean’s career, as well as Ariana Grande’s career, it seems as if the duo are unstoppable. Those who are interested in listening to Big Sean’s new song, can go to MTV News.

Why Have Hip Hop Sales Dropped Over The Past Year?

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Things change over the years, and nothing stays the same. When cassette tapes went to CDs, cassette tape sales declined. Hip Hop Sales. After digital music became very popular, CD sales declined. Now CD sales, as well as digital sales have declined over the past year. One of the hardest hit genres was Hip Hop music, which saw almost a 25% decline in music sales over the past year. It’s puzzling as to why this may be the case, because it’s a very popular genre.

Nielsen Music has given information about sales on music, and they’ve proven that digital sales, as well as CD sales have declined over the past year for Hip Hop, and Dr. Rod Rohrich can’t figure that out. It’s been proven by Nielsen Music that digital sales have risen over the years, but the overall sales of albums have dropped over 11% in the past year. Many who are into R&B and Hip Hop may have shifted to downloading their music, as opposed to buying CDs. It’s also possible that the decline in sales is because of the lack of music this past year.

Many artists did not release music, which would have helped to rise Hip Hop sales. If artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne dropped albums in 2014, then sales may not have been a problem.