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Why Adam Milstein Ties Together Radical Muslims And The Radical Left

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Adam Milstein is a writer for the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). He is also an entrepreneur who owns a company in the real estate industry, Hager Pacific. He is originally from Israel and has lived in California for the past 35 years or so. He is very involved in the Jewish-American community and often speaks out on issues that affect that community and the nation of Israel.

A recent article of Adam Milstein’s on JNS was about how radical Muslims are trying to destroy Israel as well as whip up flames of anti-Semitism around the world. He wrote that anti-Semitism has long been a part of the radical right and he sees it increasingly growing on the radical left as well in recent years. He says that all three of these groups are now sharing their tactics with one another so that they can destroy the Jewish people and Israel.

He says the joining up of radical Muslims and those on the far left started to appear in Europe. Adam Milstein says those efforts are now starting to grow in the United States and Canada over the past few years. Of course radical Muslims believe a lot of things are appropriate that the radical left doesn’t believe in, such as stoning women, putting gay people to death, and being very much against feminism among them. However, these two groups put things like this aside, he wrote, so that they can attain common goals such as nationalism, destroying freedom of speech, and engaging in anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein says that those people on the radical left have a very misguided view of Israel. They consider the nation of Israel to be a colonial oppressor in the Middle East which unfairly targets Muslims. They also believe that Jewish people have a secret organization which is causing conflicts around the world and in the Middle East in particular. One particular person he says shows the alliance between the radical left and radical Muslims is Linda Sarsour, one of the women who organized the Women’s March on Washington D.C. He points out that she has praised radical Muslims such as Siraj Wajjah who is suspected of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

George Soros – A Man Who Makes A Difference

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

George Soros is a man who is known throughout the world. In Europe, he is known as the driving force behind a wide range of investment activities and business ventures. In the United States, he is perhaps best known for his social activism and political support, mainly for the Democratic Party. In Asia and Africa, he is known for his immense philanthropy and humanitarian work. None of this fame however is what George Soros started to have when he started his life in humble beginnings in Budapest Hungary, nor did he ever dream as he fought for survival as a Jew during the Nazi occupation of the city that he would one day be one of the richest and most influential men in the world.

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Born in 1930, he came from a family which taught him the value of a dollar, the importance of a good moral compass, and the vitality of surviving in the face of oppression. He came out of the dark time of the Nazi occupation with a sense of social justice, and a changed world view. He soon immigrated to England, where he worked as a railroad porter and waiter while putting himself through the London School of Economics. From LSE, he earned a degree that got him in the door of his first job in the financial sector, working at a merchant bank.

In 1969, he moved to New York City, where he started his first fund, now known as the Quantum Fund, with little more than Twelve Million Dollars and a reputation of success he brought with him from Europe. George Soros soon grew that fund into one of the most prosperous of its time. Even today Soros Fund management, his family firm, carries more than $30B in assets, and he still provides key insights as to how the firm’s capital is handled. Read more on

He is not just a man behind the money; he is also the money behind a lot of social changes that have occurred in the world in the last 30 years. A man who believes strongly in the rights of the individual and that governments work for the people not the other way around, he has become a major part of many activism movements and political campaigns over the years. He also works with many charitable groups and humanitarian aid and rights organizations overseas, particularly in Africa and Asia to help those who are impoverished and under the grip of low education and limited heath improvement options.

He recently hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, one of the most success women in the financial arena as Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management. She will be the seventh CIO since 2000, but George notes that it has been a task to find the right person for the job to ensure that the firm success keeps going for many years to come. It is just one more way that George Soros plans for the future, both in his business dealings and in his desire to make the world a better place. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Thor Halvorssen Continues His Fight for Human Rights Around the World

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate from Venezuela. He began advocating for human rights as a young adult, in 1989 in London. His first venture was to oppose the South African apartheid. Thor is Norwegian and Venezuelan. He was born in Venezuela, to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Halvorssen, Sr. His father was a senior aide in Venezuela, to President Carlos Perez Rodriguez. In 1993, his father was imprisoned, in Venezuela, for reporting on wrongdoing. His mother was shot by Chavez security forces several years later. She survived her attack. These early experiences prepared Thor for a life of fighting for human rights.


Halvorssen is the founder of The Oslo Freedom Forum. It is where activists meet annually to further their human rights causes. Currently, there are 57 countries represented at the forum. Thor has been at the helm of many international conflicts, making him a known personality in the global human rights movement.


His own Human Rights Foundation in New York City, was established to promote his cause throughout the world. The organization helps people escape persecution in their own countries, and helps free political dissidents from imprisonment. They try to shed light on countries where leaders abuse and mistreat their citizens in an attempt to bring about change. Since its beginning, HRF has helped with the release of seven political prisoners.


Thor is still a citizen of Venezuela, but has not returned to his country for years, for fear of being arrested. He has received many death threats for his activities, and therefore refuses to reveal his where abouts. He stays active with his cause, just guards his privacy, for his own safety.


His is producing the film adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. His thoughts and opinions have appeared in several publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Time magazine, and others. He has made his views known on television programs including on Al-Jazeera, BBC News, Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN and others. Thor is a Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet based in Prague. He continues to push for human rights throughout the world.

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