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The Achievements of Eric Pulier

Friday, August 25th, 2017

By merely looking at him and considering his youthful look, one cannot think much of Eric Pulier. His diligence and an ultimate focus on the price has seen him have greater titles other than a Harvard University graduate. Among other incredible titles he is a published author, a public speaker, a technologist, an entrepreneur and above all, he is a generous philanthropist. Under his care and management, many startups have grown to become very successful.

Eric Pulier was born and brought up in New Jersey. At a young age, it became apparent that he had natural intelligence and education only served to sharpen it. At his fourth grade, he began programming computers. Eric had started his own database computer company by the time he cleared high school. He joined Harvard University. Just after graduating, Eric Pulier had the opportunity to become the editor of the school’s daily paper known as The Harvard Crimson. At this very time, he used to write for the paper on issues ranging from dangers of terrorism.

When it comes to entrepreneurial success, Eric Pulier has had much success. He came up with one of the most revolutionary startups known as XPrize. The program encompassed variety of competition and a range of prices for the individuals who would push themselves into discovering their full potential. The program aimed at helping the young people to achieve their dreams and yet get paid for it. SOA a software program that was later sold to Rogue Wave was also his invention.

Eric Pulier believes in giving back to the community. His benevolence has been evident in the Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic diseases. He gladly donates both his money and time, in the attempt of ensuring that the children get to enjoy their lives. Together with President Bill Clinton, Eric Pulier able to come up with a low-cost solution for cloud computing in communities’ considered needy. Besides that, he pioneered the development of the educational platforms usable in homes.

There are evident foot prints that Eric Pulier has put in the world. His greatest desire is to continue impacting on people’s lives.

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