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Securus Technologies introduces ConnectUs Automated Forms Platform to avoid time wastage

Monday, September 12th, 2016

About Securus Technologies

Established in 1989, Securus Technologies is the world leading provider of technological solutions for criminal and civil justice. Its headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas. Currently, the company has an estimate of 1,000 employees and has contracted with more than 2,600 correctional facilities.

The company is highly committed to providing quality services to their customers. This is evidenced by the recent announcement to introduce Inmates and grievance, an application available on ConnectUs. This is a clear indication about how the company is striving to update their consumers with the most efficient and latest technologies. For instance, paper forms have been widely used in correctional facilities by inmates to address their requests including complaints, registration forms, and medical reports. This method has proved to be time-consuming as the correctional officers spend a lot of time filling, storing and duplicating the forms.

With the implemented software, customized forms can be readily formulated for various requests and availed to inmates. Additionally, it does not involve printing and takes less time when you want to change a form. The application has brought a transformation from manual input to digital automation. Averagely, 13.8 forms are automated and processed by Securus per month for every inmate allowing correctional officers to concentrate on safety. Apart from being the easiest to implement, the ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievances software also benefit the inmates by allowing self-service access and the ability to view the status of the forms where they can appeal or accept them. It will also help reduce expenditure as the paper cost will be minimized.

The new platform not only gives inmates facilities and services never experienced before but also offers full control on what they can access and when. It also ensures that full control is exercised by the correctional facilities on the content accessed by the inmates.