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Squaw Alpine Looking to Boost Revenue

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Up until this year, the last several years has been on the warmer side of the spectrum. Many locations around the United States have seen record temperatures during the winter months. Additionally, much of the northwest stretching through the midwestern planes have experienced a draught as well. Some locations this has not proven to be a problem, but for locations and businesses that rely on moisture for the company’s wellbeing, it has proven especially difficult. This includes Squaw Alpine. Right off of Lake Tahoe’s north shore, ski-locations have suffered drastically. This has been due to the combination of warmer temperatures and a lack of snow. Thankfully though, Andy Wirth believes this year will prove to be a grand turnaround and help boost the economy in the region.

Early season storms in 2015 have drastically helped in the accumulation of snow in Squaw Valley. It is possible for the lodges to produce manmade snow for the slopes, but this is especially expensive and hard to maintain. It reduces the number of trails and skiing options available to visitors, which in turn reduces the number of visitors who come out in order to enjoy the skiing and other snow activities. Andy Wirth has pointed out it has been the worst four year stretch he has ever seen in the industry, and he has spent nearly his entire professional career not only in hospitality, but within the region as well.

Beyond the weather problems, Squaw Alpine and other resorts within the close community faced a battle against corporations looking to exploit the natural beauty of the region. These large corporations wanted to construct large numbers of new lodges and real estate properties, essentially industrializing the entire area. This is something all of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC and the rest of the community has been against for years. Thankfully though, the corporate desires on this area of the country has moved out, and with the combination of the heavier snow than user as of late, it is proving to help push business back to normal in the skiing community.

Andy Wirth is an individual who has worked within the hospitality industry all of his life. After receiving his college degree in hospitality, he moved to a neighboring hotel and resort in order to work there. While working for the resort he slowly worked his way up the corporate ladder until he sat on the board of directors. Eventually, he took over for the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC company, a position he has helped manage for the last several years. Now that it appears the four year lull is over, he is looking forward to take the company in a new direction and push it to better pastures.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

George Soros Fear About Chinas Economy Affect US Money Reserve

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


US Money Reserve, the largest distributor of government, issued precious metals all over Europe, and even Antarctica is also having a rough from the various predictions made by George Soros about the effect Chinas economy will have on the global market. Their sales are not as they would have expected them to be. This is from a recent podcast of the US Money Reserve President in a radio station. US Money Reserve deals with gold coins believed to be .9999% pure gold which is sold on legal tender conditions.

The variety of precious coins in the legal tenders includes the 1 OZ gold American eagle, common date 50$ Buffalo bullion, 1OZ Silver American Eagle,1 OZ gold Canadian maple leaf among others. From the podcast the US Money Reserve president Phillip Diehl popularly known for his creation of the 50 states quarter program while at Mint to bring platinum precious metals that are government issued in the market; thinks that what makes the US Money Reserve unique and trustworthy is its operation on legal tenders. This creates an assurance of quality metals for all buyers and all distributors directly linked to the reserve.

Philip while at the podcast also reflects back to the damage that the 2008 crisis made to the US Money Reserve and is for the fear if the same happens to Chinas release of more money on the market that would make the value of the dollar too high bringing on a crisis. He most definitely is a thinker like Soros. The reserve has created dynamic opportunities for many investors and they also have a variety of precious metals to choose from. Philip gives a concern of the presence of many counterfeits in the US market from the illegal trading conducted by some Middle East distributors. But this should not worry investors as precious metals issued by the US government are purely gold, platinum and silver with no alterations whatsoever.

For Philip Diehl, the most rewarding aspect of his job is customer satisfaction. He feels great when he see the staffs committed to offering good customer service. Through this, they have learnt to expand their entrepreneurial policy to serve more customers in addition to their expanded network. The motivation of his work is related to making more customers happy that’s why they also have a very strong return policy. The podcast reveals that Philip is the perfect person to fit in the position of the US Money Reserve. He has an outgoing personality that has made him make huge deals in the past. He has also proven to be a person of high integrity in his work. Investing in precious metals from US Money Reserve proofs to be satisfying and fulfilling.

Source: PR Newswire

Yeonmi Park; A Woman Of Steel

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Not many women have courage like Yeonmi Park. The phenomenal twenty-one-year-old Yeonmi Park of has in the last few months become a celebrity owing to her strong and admirable character. In the last couple of years, she has become a pillar when all matters related to fighting for the human rights of her people are concerned. Not only is she a celebrity and an idol for all young people around the world, she has also made a debut in all history books as being among the youngest women to stand up to fight for their rights when circumstances were only favorable for the contrary.

She is currently living in South Korea and is a Junior at Dongkuk University where she majors in Criminal Justice. Being an international public figure, she has been published in different magazines and newspapers including the Washington Post. Park has also been featured in different media and television stations including the Voice of America as a featured guest, BBC2, Radio Free Asia and SBS Insight. She is also a regular guest on a South Korean Television Variety Show called Now On My Way To Meet You which tries to bridge a gap between North and South Koreans.

Her celebrity status has not been achieved by her living in South Korea as a Korean defector but rather by her hard work and sacrifice. She is also a Freedom Factory Co. Ltd Media Fellow and also co-hosts the Cassey Lartigue English podcast. She also volunteers with Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights group and for Teach North Korean Refugees program as an Ambassador.

Park was born in Hyesan, North Korea and belonged to a privileged family until her father was arrested for allegedly being involved in metal smuggling activities in China. He was arrested and immediately sent to labor camp leaving the family to rely on her mother. She vividly remembers her mother’s best friend being executed because of watching and selling Bond Seven movies. The regime was very much against people expressing themselves or even looking for information that might help them become emancipated from the its doctrines.

When she first came to the West, she was surprised to find parents encouraging their children to express themselves. In her native country, freedom of expression was not allowed even to children and many parents discouraged theirs from doing the same. All around the globe, there are not many countries as oppressive and secretive as North Korea. More than twenty-four million people live in enforced poverty conditions. The sad thing is the fact that the dictatorship extends to every facet in their lives even encroaching into the education syllabus.

At the tender age of three years, together with her mother, she fled North Korea to China through a family friend’s help. During the escape, she endured a lot and at one time, she had to witness her mother being raped by a man who threatened to rape her instead. She also had to be married off as a mistress so as to secure her family’s refuge in China.

Brian Mulligan: Manual Therapy Master

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Manual therapy, otherwise known as manipulative therapy, is a form of physical therapy used by many massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and osteopaths in order to help treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries. It entails the manipulating and kneading of muscles in order to help the patient with improved and pain-free mobility.

Brian Mulligan, a registered Physical Therapist with an established private practice in Wellington, New Zealand, is most known for favoring this specific form of therapy and applying it on his patients. He is also a famous lecturer in his field, and has been traveling the world to share his extensive knowledge of this form of therapy. To date, he has visited approximately 78 different cities worldwide, in countries including, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands and Australia.

He was first acquainted with manual therapy in the early 1960’s. He credits Stanley Paris, Freddy Kaltenborn, Robin McKenzie and many others for contributing to the expansion of his knowledge in physical therapy.

Brian Mulligan is also an author. He wrote a textbook describing his personal techniques on manual therapy which was republished as a fourth edition in 1999. He has also produced video’s in which he demonstrates the techniques which have helped him gain notoriety in this field. Watching a few clips, you gain insight into why he is so successful in his practice, as he displays a sense of humor as he teaches. He is also quite charismatic and knowledgeable, which shows, as he performs live demonstrations on people who suffer from some form of pain or injury. Hearing the audience laugh lightly and seeing the patient’s smile on stage, show not only that he enjoys what he does, but that his techniques are also effective.

In 1995, due to an overwhelming demand from therapists around the globe to gain more insight into his techniques, he formed an international organization called the Mulligan Concept Teacher Association or MCTA, which accredits teachers who can master and share his techniques to others in the field looking to master the therapy. There are currently 34 MCTA members who have met the criteria, but that number is growing.

In 1996, Brian Mulligan was awarded Honorary Fellow of The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, for his contribution to the physical therapy field. In 1999, was made a life-time member of the New Zealand College of Physiotherapy.

Susan McGalla: A Role Model for Business Women

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Business women are progressively acquiring equal footing with their male counterparts. In most areas, the time when men used to reign in the corporate and enormous businesses is fading. Female representation in the boardroom is continuing to grow, and it is a fascinating time to be a woman in business. The days when female assistants used to fetch coffee and mix mid-day cocktails are waning, and there is still a significant transformation in the modern workplace. Some women have evolved in this era that they outdo even most of their male workmates. Whether you perceive it as the outcome of nurture or nature, it hits most people that there are significant differences in the way women and men work. The art of leadership in business is usually next to impossible to define: there isn’t the perfect definition of what it takes to be an excellent leader.

Top women across many companies know what is best and what will apply to make their leadership unquestionable and incomparable. They know what is applicable at the moment and what will be more effective. Take an example of Susan McGalla, a Pittsburgh, PA-based expert consultant and business woman who has toiled her way up to being a prominent business woman and a great leader. As a longtime businesswoman, she has gathered vast skills that have seen her through her successful career. She has worked for numerous high-profile companies where she incorporated her prowess in business and marketing that she obtained from Mount Union College.

Susan McGalla made history at American Eagle Outfitters since she joined it in late 1994. Prior to this, she plied her work with Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994 at different managerial and marketing posts. At American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla incorporated an authentic culture transformation that was successful and inspirational in a time span of 2000 to 2010. The company was a male dominated one and Susan saw it her responsibility to change its corporate cultures to a fair one that was open to both genders. Her career reached its peak at American Eagle when she held various managerial posts before becoming the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Through hard work and passion for her work, McGalla rose to become the president of American Eagle, making her career at the company an experience of a lifetime.

Susan McGalla holds it that it is the predominance of successful women like her that inspires others to be like them. Her ideology, to help other women craving for success is to speak about her views on ways to get ahead as a business woman to many audiences. Among those, she has shared her ideas with are at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Her way of inspiring other women is by running with talks by inspirational women that have worked successfully. Her notion is that the more role models there are in the industry, the higher the chances that the female leaders of the future will be inspired.