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Southridge Capital Executive Discuss Retirement and Investment

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Southridge Capital Financial Solutions, LLC., recently published a series of interviews conducted with the firm’s chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks. Hicks has become known for founding this private equity firm and helping it to become one of the most successful investment firms in New England. During an interview, Hicks emphasized the importance of retirement in the lives of investors and mentioned several ways that venture capitalists and investors can utilize earnings now to prepare themselves for the future.


Invest in a solid IRA.

According to Hicks, a good investor will always ensure that there is an IRA established early on in his career for the future benefit of his family and their security. IRAs are retirement investment accounts that allow the account holder to invest in the account without paying taxes for financial growth. Depending on the sort of IRA opened, account holders can accrue interest that can double the amount in the investment account over time.


Find a reputable financial manager.

Hicks also discussed the importance of gaining access to good financial advice. Southridge suggested that all investors find a reputable financial manager for both business and personal finance accounts.


Make more risky investments in your youth.

Hicks discussed the benefit of making riskier investments but stated that these investments should be taken advantage of toward the first half of an investors career. As the investor moves toward retirement age, the focus of his career should be to maintain success and avoid riskier dealings.  For more details you can checkout



Fund your retirement in full.

Another of Hick’s suggestions for investors considering retirement was to completely fund retirement accounts in a relatively short amount of time. Funding the retirement account within the first 20 years of earning, for instance, frees up the investor to make more difficult decisions with regard to private equity.  To see more visit


Understand the limits of your IRA.

Hicks also exhorted investors to fully understand their own IRA limits and regulations. Investors can face harsh financial consequences for using IRAs in ways that are not appropriate. Finding a financial advisor to walk through the account details is advisable.


In addition to retirement and investment, Hicks discussed ways that investors could increase odds of success in the venture capital industry and expressed his hope that businessmen would continue to press forward through trials.




Anil Chaturvedi, Bringing the World Together Through Banking

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Originally from India, Anil Chaturvedi began his career at the State Bank of India after receiving his MBA at Delhi University. He then moved to New York City to pursue an opportunity at that branch of the State Bank of India. During that time, he was able to increase their revenue by 500 million in four years. This got him noticed, earning him the title Man of the Year at the State Bank of India.


Anil Chaturvedi eventually ended up joining Merrill Lynch, where he was able to bring in business from Indians living abroad. He worked there for 17 years, earning much respect from the elite in the global banking industry. He worked as a private banker in charge of wealthy clients from throughout the United States, India, Asia and Europe. As one of the top financial advisors working there, he became a member of the exclusive Circle of Champions.


Eventually, Anil moved on to work as the managing director at Hinduja Bank in Geneva, Switzerland where he worked with businesses. With his global knowledge of the banking systems, he was able to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, capitol loans and funding for new businesses. He brought together investors and companies from across the world to work together in a profitable environment. Anil was also able to provide investments in tech startups in India. Even after so many years in the business, he was always keeping an eye on new companies, strategies and partnerships.


Along with his wife Kiran, he started an organization called Kiran and Anil Chaturvedi Foundation, Inc. This venture donates funding to several international charities as well as inspiring the public to get involved in volunteering for various charitable causes.


Even with over 40 years in the global banking industry, Anil Chaturvedi is still working and learning and innovating partnerships on a global scale. With all of the intricacies of banking rules and protocols throughout the many countries, he is a man who can be trusted to follow through and do things properly.

Shervin Pishevar: The Iranian-American Business Mogul

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur .He was born in the year 1974 in the Iranian capital of Tehran. Shervin Pishevar had two parents. His dad was called Abraham Pishevar and his mum Eshrat Pishevar. The family of Shervin Pishevar migrated to the US when he was a young boy. His father, Abraham, was the first to relocate to the United States. Abraham was an employee at a local radio and television station in Tehran, Iran. He worked as an executive manager. Everything went smooth until one day when his name appeared on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. Abraham together with other colleagues were extremely shocked and overwhelmed.

Abraham was accused of broadcasting information and instructions that could aid people to leave Iran to other foreign nations. He planned and managed to relocate to the United States. When he arrived in the US, he worked as a Cab driver. Abraham Pishevar operated at Silver Springs, Maryland. After eighteen months, Abraham was joined by his family that had been left in Iran. For another few months, he still worked as a taxi driver. He managed to work and study at the University of Howard. There, Abraham pursued a PhD in Mass communication as he had already done a masters back in his home country, Iran.

Abraham’s son, Shervin is a celebrated businessman. He is a recognized philanthropist. Moreover, he is a super angel investor and a venture capitalist. Shervin Pishevar is the former executive chairman and co-founder of Hyperloop One Company. Additionally, Shervin was also a managing director and a co-founder of a company known as Investment company. The venture organization has invested in other firms like Munchery, Airbnb and Uber.

Recently the entrepreneur worked as a managing director of Menlo ventures .Being a super angel investor, he had invested in more than 61 companies. Shervin Pishevar has led several investments like Tumbrl, Uber series b, Warby Parker and Machine zone. From the year 2011 to 2015, Shervin Pishevar served as a board advisor for the Company, Uber. He is still a strategic advisor and an investor in the company. Also, Shervin Pishevar has founded technology related companies like SGN, WebOS, and Hyperoffice.