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A Constant Reminder Of A Lost Friend

Friday, December 11th, 2015

I never thought I would be taking care of a dog of my own. I grew up in a house with a family that had a lot of animals. I never cared much for any of them. It was a surprise, then, to find that I would end up taking care of a dog that ended up being my best friend. I had a best friend. He was probably the only friend I had left that I would actually spend time with. We normally went over to his house because he had a three-year-old son that he looked after while his wife was at work. There was always this pit bull that was hanging out with us. It was my friend’s other best friend so I put up with the dog. He wasn’t nearly as bad as the dogs I grew up with. I began to wonder if I really didn’t like the animals I was raised with because the pets weren’t properly trained. My friend’s dog was always very well behaved. No one ever yelled at him, and everyone treated the dog like he was part of the family. In the end, it seems reasonable that my friend’s family did this because the dog really was part of the family. One day I got a call from the wife of my best friend saying that he had been in an accident and didn’t make it. I felt so bad about losing my friend but then thought about what the wife and son must be going through. The wife was overly stressed and didn’t know what she was going to do. I told her I would watch the dog if she wanted. A day later I got the call that she would take my offer. I immediately went to the store and got his kind of food which was a mixture of Beneful‘s normal food and a variety of wet foods to mix in including the chopped meals, Beneful Mediterranean medley, and Tuscan medley. The first couple days were sad. I could tell the dog knew something was wrong, and that he missed his best friend. He was a great dog, though. He never had any problems with bad behavior, and he recognized me so we bonded quite fast. I eventually took over full ownership of the dog and we have been inseparable ever since. I never thought I would be saying this, but I cannot imagine my life without this dog in it. I have learned that it was my parents training and discipline techniques that lead to poor behavior in the animals. This dog has been great and I won’t ever let him out of my sight for long. He is a constant reminder of my best friend and it means a lot that I get to hug the thing that reminds me of him most. I know that the dog appreciates having a good home as well.