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A Clever Way To Experience Home Away From Home

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


It all begins with a destination like London, the largest city in Europe, and the premier London vacation rentals service, WorldEscape.

Personal or business, will offer the traveler a unique and personalized way to quality housing arrangements that bypass the conventional hotel stay. A client profile is filled out on the website that includes a selection of amenities represented by icons (heater, internet/Wi-Fi, elevator, towels, bath tub/shower, washer/dryer, microwave/oven, TV, non-smoking, etc.). Then, the WorldEscape database takes over. Apartments and Aparthotels (a block of apartments offering 24-hour desk service) will generate according to those necessities and favorites selected, which include prime neighborhoods only (Battersea/Vauxhall, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Hyde Park, Kensington, Mayfair, Soho, Victoria, Westminster, etc.) and area transportation. As with the other WorldEscape group of companies, the WorldEscape database contains only listings placed by owners and landlords.

A deposit is requested at the time of confirming accommodation arrangements online, and the balance of the rental is paid directly to the owner or landlord upon occupancy. The total costs will include daily rate, tax, housekeeping, and unpaid balance, which is paid directly to the owner or landlord. For those hard shoppers return visits to the website are welcomed. Additional choices are offered as the database updates.

WorldEscape offers user friendly websites that provide answers to most questions a client might ask when distance searching for quality accommodations in prime areas. Photo selections of the space and, frequently, a video of the property make it the next best thing to being there. In addition to photos, local and neighborhood maps are available; there also is an online concierge to satisfy any concerns or provide additional information that can enhance the travel experience. There are professionals available 18 hours a day to answer any phone questions, as well as a daily 18-hour Live Chat service. All of the spaces in any of the WorldEscape Group’s databases have been personally visited and placed in each database according to set standards. seems to have figured out everything that a traveler might want to know about booking a more personalized stay in London – or for that matter, almost anywhere in the world. This all began in Amsterdam in 2000, at the time, AmsterdamEscape. The business expanded in 2005, to WorldEscape Group that now operates in over 25 countries. It is obvious the WorldEscape Group thrives on applying its experience and knowhow over the years in a hospitality business that offers uniquely personalized travel experiences.