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Victoria Doramus – marketer and communications expert

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Victoria Doramus is a knowledgeable marketer and always stays on top of trends. She is also a creative individual as she is a writer and journalist, although she has also worked in the communications industry for media outlets. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder and obtained a bachelors degree in journalism and mass communication. Her positions have included being an assistant, to being a consultant, and working as a group coordinator. She would also write articles for various outlets while networking with others. Victoria Doramus also worked for other companies, building their social media pages, while acquiring new business and hiring interns/workers for companies. Later in her life, she decided to do some projects for other media companies such as newspapers, magazines, and journals. She even worked for prominent film director Peter Berg and manage his properties while networking for other contractors. For her life, she worked for many media outlets and completed freelance projects in her career for prominent companies like the Huffington Post, and Jane Buckingham. Now though, Doramus has been working on giving back to the community. Since 2016, she has worked for a number of charities that are listed in the article by that include: The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friend’s Animal Society, and Women’s Prison Association. All of the organizations or charities have a great impact on the community by helping animals and people. For example, the Amy Winehouse Foundation sets out to help young people from abusing drugs and alcohol. It uses education at the heart, along with the love of music to express themselves and as an outlet. The others help out animals who have been abused and low-income families get on their feet again. One of the organizations called the Women’s Prison Association helps women with the criminal justice system and helping women who are in prison. Victoria Doramus now participates in these organizations and does her own work, while giving back to the community.

Alex Hern – The Founder of the Famous Tsunami Business

Saturday, October 20th, 2018


Alex Hern firm has tremendously successful in the technology market for many years. Alex Hern has been able to be part of the industry where he has served in various positions such as the director, Co-founder as well as the chairman for a wide range of companies. He is mainly concerned with the initial and early stages of businesses as well as having a hand in working with incubation firms and organizations. Alex Hern has also played a great role in several IPOs that has been to rake in revenues in the billions. Among them is CloudShield which is a network security business that was directly purchased by SAIC. They are widely recognized in both engineering and technology firms in the nation. Apart from this role, Alex Hern also utilizes his talents with both Triton Network and Hern work s carefully with the two businesses and used to be on their board of directors, and he entirely established them. Alex Hern also worked together with other cybersecurity firms as well as with military technology.

Alex HernAlex Hern is the current owner of the famous business enterprise, Tsunami. Tsunami remains to be the top company in the technology market, and Alex is consistently coming up with new methods of growing and developing business in the market, both locally and internationally. Alex Hern Shares at the time when CPU-driven machines were transformed into extreme GPU-driven. Alex discovered the importance of new software applications. Herm also shares out some of his successful ideas and does not hesitate to advise others when and where necessary. He also believes that this male us less productive than we expect.

Alex Hern takes 4 to 5 hours daily to organize and plan his mind in a cool place without any interruptions to develop and discover new ideas. Hern affirms that this gives him an excellent opportunity to brainstorm for Tsunami. He also noted that he gets most of his ideas at bight while other are dead asleep. He is always ready and usually shares anything that can help people accomplish many of their goals and objectives. Despite that it may seem like an easy task, the fact is that it’s quite challenging. For the businesses struggling to survive in the market, Hern advises people always to be ready and well prepared for the worst since no one can be able to control macroeconomics. He points out that business will always have ups and downs. LinkedIn

White Shark Media Helping Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Enhance Their Revenue through Online Marketing

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

White Shark Media is one of the leading search engine marketing service providers in the SEO industry. The company has been around for many years and is known to offer a wide range of search engine optimization services. The search engine marketing professionals at White Shark Media have years of experience in this field and has a unique approach to every project they come across.

White Shark Media first analyzes the competition of the client and after that audits the client’s site to understand the loopholes and the shortcomings in the current status of web presence. Once the gaps are known in the existing online presence, they are filled expertly with the help of advanced search engine optimization techniques. The good thing about White Shark Media is that they use only the legitimate online marketing techniques that would help the clients’ website to get registered in the good books of the search engines without getting penalized.

White Shark Media understands the importance of online marketing in today’s world, where the competition is high, and the businesses are trying new and unique marketing techniques. Online presence is essential these days as most of the people shop online as well as search for relevant information on the web. Not having an online presence means giving away a part of your business to your competition, one bit at a time. Sooner you start building your online presence, better it would be for you. White Shark Media has helped tons of small, medium and large enterprises to consolidate their position online, increase their rankings on search engines, and get more traffic.

These are the pointers that are necessary to make the most of the online marketing. White Shark Media has received many positive reviews for its services and continues to provide economical and highly efficient SEO services to clients from around the world.