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Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Dr. Johanna Rand is the founding member of the New Jersey Company Healthy Aging Medical Center located in NJ where he has been president since 2010. He is a rehabilitation doctor, psychiatrist, and a physical medicine specialist.

Dr. Johanna Rand took his training at prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y. He is a charitable and considerate doctor who is highly keen to the needs and concerns of his patients. Driven by his true want to assist patients, the doctor extends a hand to those who are suffering from aging health disorders by giving his teachings and remedies.

In his company, he is mostly known for his advice on weight loss and avoiding other factors that come with age for a healthier, longer life. The way he approaches cultural drugs provides an alternative to patients who can get the integrative help care he gives. If Dr. Johanna Rand is not able to support an issue with a written piece or publication, he does not prescribe treatment. He only practices peer-review medicine. The doctor is also widely known for his expertise in giving support of bio-identical hormones that have origins from evidence. He believes in going to the field and actively opposes the pill for ill. He takes pride in making everyone reach their health objectives. His treatment plan gives priority to giving the patients a full picture which includes fitness, supplements, nutrition and bio-identical hormones. A complete program will only begin after he has physically examined you (

The medical care that Dr. Johanna Rand has come up with assists in preventing diseases and restores health thus ensuring you age gracefully. His readiness to assist patients to tackle the issues that come with the aging process brings back the joy that is often cut by these disorders. His treatments also reduce the chances of cancer and help the cholesterol levels to go down.

In his 50’s, Dr. Johanna Rand is an excellent example to his patients. He is an expert on fitness and health, and lives by the principles he teaches. Currently, the doctor is writing a book titled “It is never too late to live past 100”.