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Eminem Recalls His Journey Through Hip Hop

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

There are a lot of songs that Eminem has been associated with. His love for hip hop has allowed him to connect with lots of artists and producers to bring classics to the hip hop world. In a recent MTV interview he spoke on elements in the decision making process in his journey.

It is amazing to check the number of people that have been a part of Eminem’s successful ride. He has worked with 50 Cent and Drake. Eminem has had production from producers like Dr. Dre, Mark the 45 King and Premier. He has talked about how all these different sounds have come about over the last decade. His music has broken records, but there were times when he didn’t know that certain songs would be such huge hits. Eminem tested the waters with each new album release.

Eminem has also commented on how rappers battle and how he always wants to stay thirsty. This inspires fans like Paul Mathieson quite a bit. What he looks for in rap is consistency. He has always want to stay in a place where he would be ready to battle at any time. Eminem has a lot of great stories that correlate with his music. He can remember recording multiple songs for his first album with Dre. He doesn’t, however, remember recording the Grammy Winner “Lose Yourself” at all. The original demo is a lost memory to him. He contributed this to drug use.

Ariana Grande Surprises Detroit With A Kiss To Big Sean

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Looks like Detroit got to witness some hot live action from Ariana Grande and Big Sean as they decided to show a little public display of affection, and believe me Detroit is grateful.

On Saturday night, Ariana was having her honeymoon tour stop in Big Sean’s hometown. Dr Jennifer Walden suggests that the two were on stage together singing their song “Best Mistake”, which says is a part of Ariana’s new album My Everything. Needless to say Ariana looked quite good in her outfit, and Sean is one lucky man for having her as his girl.

The two were very private about their relationship in the beginning but are now headed to a whole new direction. They are enjoying all the love that the fans are giving them, and we can’t lie they are cute together.

Right before the show started, Ariana posted a photo of her looking at Sean and saying that the two are together right before the show which gave hints to the fans that he will be a part of the show. Isn’t it nice to be able to get Big Sean to play at your concert whenever you want. It is lucky to be Ariana.

Ariana posted a big thank you to Sean after the show on Twitter by announcing how good of a show it was and how grateful she is that he came and surprised everyone even though he just released a new album and his schedule is full.

Travis Scott Fights A Fan At His Concert

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

What nobody can makes sense of is, if you don’t like an artist or a certain figure, then why go wait in lines for hours and pay money just to wait 5 hours and in the end act as a hater.

What the video posted on Youtube on Tuusday night shows about the scuffle between Travis Scott and a fan is that while Travis while performing a song as a part of his G.O.O.D. Rodero Tour, a fan tried to snatch the young 22 year old rappers chain as he approached the fans while singing. The video shows a scuffle taking place but it is unclear exactly what happened.

Young Thug appears in the beginning of the video but it is also unclear what he was up to. Travis Scott is not known to fight his fans or anyone, unlike Pitbul who knocked out a fan cold just for coming on stage without an invitation Jaime Garcia Dias recalls.

There is also the Akon incident in which Akon had something thrown at him while performing on stage, and instead of running in to the crowd to fight the fan he invited him up on stage, and as soon as the fan came up, Akon picked him up and threw him back into the crowd.

Good thing the Travis incident wasn’t anything like Afroman’s incident when he punched a female fan who came up on stage and started dancing as he was performing. He was arrested and charged with assault, and later responded about the incident by saying he was retiring from the tour life.

It ain’t easy being a singer.

Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Iggy Azalea has had many Twitter beefs in the past, and she now has decided to quit the social media network entirely. Iggy. Iggy recently went on vacation with her boyfriend Nick, and she was shot with a long-distance camera, and some say the picture is not pretty. A paparazzi from the media, decided to take a photograph of her behind, and from afar, you can see that she has cellulite. The picture was posted all over social media, and even TMZ featured the picture on their show.

Iggy came back from vacation, only to discover that her privacy had been invaded, and that many people were talking blatantly about her cellulite.Fans like Zeca Oliveira have learned that she became so furious with the bullying about her body, that she has decided to close her Twitter account, and stop responding to bullies online. This is not the first time that Iggy has had problems with bullies, as many artists have come after her in the past year. Snoop Dogg, Azalea Banks and Q-tip, have all gone after the artist, for one reason or another.

Although Iggy’s biggest rival is currently Azalea Banks, Iggy has gotten tired of the crap going on in social media, and she has called it quits. Many of Iggy’s fans will be disappointed to see her go, but anyone who can understand that bullying is unfair, should know where she’s coming from. We wish Iggy luck in the future.