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Medical Bill Aims at Destroying the Worst Diseases Known to Man

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

These days we take a lot of things for granted, especially our health, Susan McGalla was quoted saying this. If you look back to just a short century ago, the average lifespan was just 40 years. We’ve nearly doubled that in a short time, eradicating a number of diseases with the innovation of medical breakthroughs. Tetanus, Rabies, Polio, Yellow Fever, and Rinderpest are just a few examples of just how far technology has gone to aid the general population of the world.

So what’s next on the agenda? According to a recent development, there could be a lot more on the table. Known as the 21st Century Cures Act, a recent bill in Congress would give medical research a gigantic boost of $8.75 billion in the next five years to get some real cures to people who desperately need them. Though this seems like a great opportunity for science and mankind some observers are thinking that this bill will degrade the quality of new drugs and devices issued by the FDA.

Why is there such negative feedback when this bill could be a new hope for millions of people suffering out there? There are a vast number of deadly diseases out there that still need treating. We’ve been fearful of Ebola, HIV, Meningitis, and others for quite some time. Isn’t it about time we get some real results and start helping our fellow man?

This bill should be seen as an opportunity, not some cheap ploy to make pharmaceutical companies more money. After all, there are a lot of lives at stake.

Jonathan Veitch Has Become A True Leader in Education

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

For years, Occidental College, located in Los Angeles, struggled with maintaining a strong student body and a strong connection with the local community. In fact, between 2005 and 2009, the school went through five different presidents. The job either released the individuals or they went on to seek employment somewhere else. This makes it difficult to have any sort of continuity with the staff and what is going on in the college, as it really needs a stable and strong minded individual in order to guide the school through to bigger and better things. That is exactly how Jonathan Veitch has improved the school and, since he came over from Harvard University after receiving his doctorate.

When Jonathan arrived at the school around 2009, it really was in a mess. Nobody looked favorably on the school in the community due it being seen as a party college, while students had dropped off and attendance was at one of the lowest levels it had been in for some time. Jonathan has managed to turn all of this around. First of all, regarding attendance, after it was released that Jonathan Veitch points out that President Obama spent two years at Occidental College, enrollment has drastically increased. It has actually grown every single year since he took over, and while the schools suffered setbacks during the downturn economy, Occidental has actually increased and added students, which gives the school not only more money through tuition to improve courses and services, but it also increases the amount of money the school is able to receive through the state government as well. Due to this, it is at a point of financial prosperity the school has not been in possible in the history of the school.

Now, beyond this, the local community did not have a favorable eye on the school before Jonathan took over as president. Many of the locals living in the community did not like the loud parties that would take place with some of the housing complexes that were located inside of the community and away from the school itself. Jonathan changed this by reducing the presence the school had on the exterior of campus, and in order to assist students who did want to live out of the school grounds, it improved public transportation. Along with different pledges made to the community, the relationship between the school and the community has never been better with them.