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FreedomPop Going Global

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Consumers are frustrated because they are paying too much for their mobile bills. Those spiraling bills are simply getting out of hand. Still, people cling to their mobile device because today it is a necessity to keep in touch with the family and the world. FreedomPop would like to change the way that the mobile market works. They introduced a free mobile plan to consumers in the United States. That mobile plan enjoyed amazing success. Millions are now very happy FreedomPop users. According to an article that appeared in the Digital Trends, FreedomPop is about to introduce their free mobile service to the UK this September.

Let The Alpha Testing Begin
Consumers in the UK are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the United States based mobile company. Free plans are something that is simply unheard of in most places. FreedomPop on is alpha testing the UK market. If all goes according to plan, the company plans to expand their mobile service to other countries across Europe and the world. Here are the details. The company is offering a free plan to new customers. Now, the free plan offers the customers 200 minutes, 200 texts, 200MB data. They are also offering 2 low cost premium plans to those that would prefer more voice, text, and data. Here is something that new customer’s will find interesting. The company will not add hefty penalty fees to those that go over the data allowance. However, look for a charge for each MB excess.

More Good News
FreedomPop has joined with popular UK networks to supply the service. Soon, the company plans to offer other options to their customers. For example, the option to buy tablets or their mobile phone device through the FreedomPop company. FreedomPop also has extended plans to reach additional markets outside of the United States. According to co-founder Steven Sesar, they are aiming for a global market.

Business Women on the Rise

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Not long ago, the landscape of business was deemed “a man’s world” where men in pressed suits and cordial ties climbed the ranks to success while women worked in the office as secretaries and receptionists. Visions of Don Draper come to mind when we picture the jet set crowd furrowing through stacks of papers in their suitcases, attending meetings, shaking hands and closing deals. Although this was predominantly our world not too many decades ago, women are shaking up the business world like never before.

Susan McGalla is one of those women: a distinguished member of the business elite whose identity extends beyond the boundaries of gender. She is the current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a position that embodies her driven nature and roots as a child. Born into a family whose patriarch is a football coach, McGalla was raised knowing that she was as good as the company she kept. Her two older brothers further instilled the notion that she was a part of a unit and not a feminine piece of a masculine family. This upbringing insured in her the sense of pride and motivation based on her potential as a person and to face individuals no different than she viewed herself.

Her views on success reflect her own perseverance as someone who strives to achieve a level of expertise that is not diminished by identity. She has been able to perform with men and women equally well in her career and attributes her prosperity to confidence and hard work. From her fourteen years at American Eagle Outfitters she has learned that skills and networking are the foundations to not only a successful career but superior production. The ability to parlay her managerial positions to much more prominent ones has led her to excel in various fields of work for numerous companies including the founding of her own company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

With a plethora of skills and decades of experience, Susan McGalla was able to tackle the workforce that was predominantly male with grace and poise. To her, prejudice and entitlement were attributes that would do nothing to advance her or her fields of industry. Instead of focusing on the male and female issues, she focused on her performance. This is a cue that all women should take when striving to obtain their own goals in this day and age.

The landscape is changing. Women don’t have to wait for doors to open for them, they can reach out and grab them. Opportunities can be created by anyone with the education, motivation, encouragement and drive to do so. The idea of surviving in a man’s world is a fading into nostalgia. Women are rising through the ranks and breaking ceilings, taking the business world by storm.

Self-Making Billionaires With Investment Banking

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

The promise of investment banking is the return of dividends, where an initial investment becomes extrapolated through interest into a much larger sum. The easiest way to get into these sorts of transactions is through becoming a capital investor for a hedge fund. Hedge funds pool monies from several investors and then use that larger sum to finance securities or other economic tools.

Hedge funds are not open to the general public and are only available to well-accredited and, typically, liquid investors. Since these are private funds being pooled, the regulation of hedge funds (as opposed to mutual funds, for example) avoids regulatory oversight, even with the United States and Europe’s new regulations following the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Hedge funds tend to be open, meaning that they can be funded or withdrawn from relatively easily, as opposed to IRA’s and like investments.

Private firms, called hedge fund firms, assist clients in investing in futures, securities, equity, and options through a team of investment bankers that specialize in their individual fields. Working with a hedge fund firm gives an individual access to a greater differential of investment opportunities, allowing for the greatest possible return on their investments. One of the biggest and most profitable hedge fund firms in the world is Citadel, LLC, based in Chicago.

Founded in 1990 by Kenneth C. Griffin with the start-up capital of $4.6 million, Citadel, LLC grew in only eight years to employee 100 people and was responsible for $1 billion in investment capital. Citadel now employs more than 1,250 individuals around the world, Citadel maintaining offices in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, London, Houston, Greenwich, Toronto, and its flagship operation in the Citadel Center, a $355 million office tower located in downtown Chicago.

Kenneth C. Griffin is listed by Forbes as the #4 hedge fund manager, #72 in a list of US billionaires, and is ranked #91 in the 2014 Forbes 400. He has been trading stocks since 1982 and managing hedge funds through his own company, Citadel, LLC, since 1990. For every investor seeking a meteoric rise in wealth, Kenneth C. Griffin, as a self-made billionaire (Forbes accounts his net worth at around $7 billion), is an inspiration and a beacon of what is possible through investment banking.

Whether you’re a novice in the world of investment banking, or a seasoned veteran of the modern economic ebb and flow, it would behoove you to seek out the advice, expertise, and market strategies of a hedge fund firm, who know all the pitfalls, tricks, and traps of the investing world. Of those firms, Citadel, LLC is a steadfast icon of the financial world that has weathered the economic upheavals of the past twenty-five years to maintain its’ position as one of the most profitable hedge fund firms in existence. The financial world is never secure, but with Citadel, LLC, at least their tried-and-true results will make you feel secure in your securities investment.

Kim Kardashian’s Dinner Date With Vogue Fashion Director

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Kim Kardashian who is a Lime Crime user, apparently she still insists on being the best dressed pregnant woman in Hollywood. Everyone is gagging over her fashion pieces lately, from the moment she announced her pregnancy, it seems she has been making a point to stay sexy and relevant. Her cleavage has been on display more than usual, and now she is snatching headlines in yet another jaw dropping hot number. Kim has spoken openly about the changes her body is going through with this pregnancy, but instead of hiding them she is flaunting her curves every chance she gets.

Kim recently went on a dinner date with her good friend Christine Centenera, who happens to also be the fashion director at Vogue. Kim showed up wearing a low cut black blazer, with nothing but a nude bra underneath. Usually we are used to seeing this daring look on Rihanna, but Kim seems to be more than confident enough to pull it off as well.

Christine Centenera posts an adorable selfie on Instagram to commemorate the moment, in the caption she called Kim, “the best dining partner,” of course Kim is the best dining partner to anyone who lives for fashion, after all she is the walking maternity fashion goddess these days. As if her outfit wasn’t making enough waves, it would be a sin to not mention that she is still wearing her sexy high heels, and this time she opted for a pair of black Tom Ford pumps.

Why Did Rita Ora And Calvin Harris Break Up?

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Rita Ora is pretty popular these days, but she was virtually unknown about a year ago. She was dating Calvin Harris, but they broke up after she put out a single. Rita released a single called “I Will Never Let You Down,” and Calvin had helped her to write the single. Rita Ora & Calvin Harris. Rita claims that when she went to release the single, he started acting weird, and he told her he didn’t want her to release the song the way it was. He basically wanted to take back any of his writing credits or the music that he had placed on the song, and she couldn’t understand why.

Calvin and Rita ended up breaking up, and Calvin claims that it’s because Rita cheated on him. The rumors online on read by Jim Dondero seem to confirm that. It’s funny that some people can’t understand what cheating does to a relationship, and they may even blame the other person when they finally get fed up and they leave. Rita claims she doesn’t know the reason why they really broke up, but more than likely she knows exactly what she did. Calvin has moved on, and he’s now dating Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift and Calvin have been seen all over the place, and they are now officially a couple.

Rita has not been linked to anyone recently, but Calvin has definitely moved to the top of the mountain with Taylor Swift. Although Taylor’s friends question Calvin’s motives, Taylor seems very happy to be with her new boyfriend.

Taylor Swift is a Giving Celebrity

Monday, June 15th, 2015

When it comes to celebrities there are some who hoard all of their wealth and keep it to themselves. Flavio Maluf could think of a few off the top of his head, even if he just went through LinkedIn. There are some celebrities who choose to do what they want with their money and ignore the needs of those around them. While there is nothing legally wrong with that kind of decision, celebrities are in a position where they can help out those around them, and they might choose to do that for moral reasons or just to be a good person. Taylor Swift is one celebrity who has chosen to give time and time again.

Taylor Swift doesn’t keep all of her money to herself, even though she could do that. Taylor Swift chooses to give whenever she feels that she is needed. Just recently the celebrity singer gave fifteen thousand dollars to a couple of accident victims. This singer chooses to give, even though she doesn’t have to. This singer looks out for the needs of others. This celebrity is a role model in her giving.

Get Well Soon, Michael

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Michael Clifford, from the band 5 Seconds of Summer, suffers from burns to the head after accidentally walking into a pyrotechnics display of shooting fire on stage Saturday, June 13th. The band was playing their top song “She Looks So Perfect” amid their second night of playing in Wembley Arena when the band member’s hair caught fire. A fan tweeted the video of Mikey walking offstage fanning at his smoking hair with a towel. A little after the accident, a band mate named Ashton Irwin came on stage and assured the crowd of Michael’s safety and that they could not continue the show. His exact words were “Michael has hurt himself so we will not be continuing the show right now, I just want to say thank you so much for coming. He is okay. You guys have been the best crowd we could ask for tonight. Thank you so much.”


5 Seconds Of Summer fans such as Adam Sender were beyond doubt worried about Clifford. He later tweeted to his fans, again reassuring that he was okay and shared a selfie of his bandages covering up the burnt side of his face. The band will have their next concert on Friday, June 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada at 7:30 in the Mandalay Bay Resort Event Center.

Drake Shocked by Madonna’s Kiss

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Festival season is here and Coachella is by far the most talked about weekend of the season. Some of the most accomplished musicians take the stage in the California desert each year and this weekend Drake was one of them, performing songs from his newest album, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’

Susan McGalla told us that one of the songs Drake performed gave tribute to the pop legend Madonna and she took the compliment to heart. In a Us Weekly interview Madonna stated that one of her biggest goals in life is to go on a date with the rapper and kiss him on the lips. Well, apparently Madonna’s idea of a date is the stage of a music festival because this is where she surprised Drake with a big kiss during his set. The rapper was surprised and shocked and quickly wiped his mouth while the MC shouted in dismay.

Of course, Madonna is known for kissing fellow artists on big stages as opposed to the more private rapper.

Skout Growing More and More

Monday, March 16th, 2015

I was sick and tired of the dating scene, and I really wanted to try something new. I was told about a website, which allowed people to meet other people, from anywhere in the world, so I was interested. I joined the website when I was sitting at my PC, and I decided that I would create a great profile. I added several pictures of myself, in an effort to allow others to really get to know me, and see what I look like. I thought to even add a few sexy pictures of myself, just in case I found a good looking guy.

I created my profile in a matter of minutes, and I was ready to start searching the website. I decided that I would buy some Skout points, because I could use them to purchase some features that the website had to offer. The website offers different ways to contact people, and I can also send greeting to others, in case I’m looking to be friendly. I also am able to find out if someone else has added me as a favorite, so I can really see who likes me, and who doesn’t like me.

I decided to use my Skout points, in order to check on someone else’s favorites list, after I had met a guy that really drew my interest. I did a specific search on the website, and I was trying to find a guy that might interest me. I found a great guy, he looks good, and we ended up having a lot in common, but he’s in another country. I didn’t realize that Skout is available in over 180 countries, and I just so happen to find someone all the way in Australia. I guess I was ignorant to think that I was speaking with somebody in the USA.

I didn’t let the accidental love connection get me down, instead, I decided that I would speak to this person, and try to see what could become of the relationship. I would speak with him first thing in the morning when I got up, because we were in different time zones. Even before I went to sleep at night, he made sure to contact me, just to let me know he was thinking of me. Skout has been so beneficial to my love life, and I think I’m going to meet this guy in person one day.

Alaska Legalizes Marijuana

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Alaska legalizes marijuana for recreational use. Another step in the right direction for pro-marijuana advocates. How long until marijuana is completely legal in the entire country? It seems that most people want marijuana to be legal.

America is the home of the free. The senators and representatives of the country strive to give the American people what they want. The Americans are speaking. Marijuana is considered as the least dangerous drug in the world. Statistics show that marijuana has never killed a single person in the history of its existence.

Alcohol, which is legal, causes thousands of deaths each year. It does not make sense that alcohol is legal while marijuana is not. Legalizing marijuana and taxing it would create major tax revenue. Why not legalize it and profit from it?

Paul Mathieson understands that if marijuana was legal country wide, there would be no reason to sell it illegally. Drug dealers would lose a lot of money, and people would be safer across the country. Marijuana is decriminalized in most states anyways. Don’t get me wrong, marijuana is not for everyone. Like alcohol, marijuana should only be sold to people 21 and older.

Since the creation of the internet, people have more of a voice now than ever. The majority of modern Americans want marijuana legalized. For more information on the legalization of marijuana, visit Buzzfeed.