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Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

A new blend of Jamaican marijuana will be linked to the famous reggae star Bob Marley. Rolling Stone magazine reports that the Marley family is going to market Bob Marley Natural Blend in states where the drug is legal in 2015. This is a huge step in the mainstream appeal of the drug that is still illegal in most states.

Pot smokers everywhere are interested to see what this blend of marijuana will be like since Bob Marley was such an advocate of the drug. He appeared to smoke quite a bit when he was alive. He was known to even smoke a spliff when he was on stage sometimes. Now, people have to wonder if the Marley blend will be as potent as the illegal marijuana that has already been dubbed Bob Marley.

Bob Marley pushed to legalize marijuana, but this did not happen while he was alive. With this new blend Marley will once again become the face that is associated with the legalization issues that have occurred with marijuana. Marley also thought that the drug was something that was given to humans by God. He proclaimed that he felt a spiritual connection to Jehovah when he smoked.

It is sure to become popular because the underground Bob Marley dubbed brands are favorites for many entertainers like Zeca Oliveira. There are a plethora of rappers that have referenced weed that they called Bob Marley.