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How Did Bruce Levenson Manage Hiring As He Built The Atlanta Hawks?

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Bruce Levenson is one of the most-progressive owners in NBA history, and he overcame quite a lot of things as he built the team Atlanta Spirit LLC was the ownership collection for the team. He ensured the team was built to be a success, and he wanted to help the team become more than an afterthought in the NBA. This article explains how the Atlanta Hawks became a better team under Bruce, how they grew their fan base and how he used local leadership to keep the team going.

#1: Bruce Understands Who To Hire

Everyone hired to work in the Hawks front office was pulled from the local leadership pool, and Bruce ensured anyone managing the team was local. The city of Atlanta does not respond to its sports teams well, and Bruce believes every fan must come to games with an eye on success. According to PR News, being a part of the community ensures the Hawks are more than a basketball team that struggles to remain relevant.

#2: The Team Is Competitive

Local leadership teaches the fan base how competitive the team is, and they reach out to the public through radio and ESPN TV interviews. It is quite important that everyone living in the city hears from the leaders Bruce hired, and they are the voice of the team that speaks to those wish to be fans.

It is quite important that everyone in the city of Atlanta sees the local leadership put in place by Bruce Levenson, and the leadership remains after the sale of the team. Bruce set up the team in a manner that ensured its future success after the sale of the team, Tony Ressler takes over a team that is built properly, and Bruce is the man who created a winner in the city of Atlanta.