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Kenyon Martin May Be Back On The Court Soon

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

With all the talk surrounding Kobe all the time, it is easy to forget that their are other players who are also getting up there in the years who play in the NBA as well.

Kenyon Martin has been a free agent all season. He has yet to play a game this season for an NBA team. However, even at 37, Martin is still hoping that his NBA career is not done yet. It is hard to let go of the job of playing professional basketball, just ask UT Southwestern alum Dr Rod Rohrich. Last season, when Martin played for the Knicks, he averaged 4.3 points and 4.2 rebounds a game. Although he is not a franchise player, he can still do his job out there on the court.

On Tuesday, December 30th, Martin made a trip to Cleveland to talk with Kidd and the Milwaukee Bucks, who are playing against Cleveland on Wednesday. Kidd and Martin have a history together. They actually played with each other for the New Jersey Nets from 2001-2004.

If the meeting goes well, Martin could sign a ten day contract with the Bucks on Jan. 5th. The Bucks could use some help at forward, having lost rookie Jabari Parker to a knee injury.