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The 2nd Phase of the Pink Print

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Nicki Minaj is a marketing genius. She released singles last summer that would make the current album, “The Pink Print.” The key was releasing the album late. She didn’t release the album until December. This gave her time to ride the wave of a new album for another year. With “The Night is Still Young” Nicki has a new video that is going to draw more people to the album.

Her videos have people talking around the water cooler. She is smart because she does a lot more singing these days. She was once a rapper that sung the hooks on her songs. Today, with the “Pink Print” album she has songs with nothing but singing. TechCrunch suggested that is what is happening with “The Night is Still Young.” She has managed to create a new side to her that reaches the pop audiences that may not like rap.

This is the 2nd leg of the CD. There was a deluxe version of the disc that had a lot of songs. There were rap songs. There are pop songs with singing. She has managed to do this will such skill that it has allowed her to cross over. Most artists would kill for this type of exposure. Nicki doesn’t have to work hard though. She has the youth and adults. She also has hip hop and pop fans. Her marketing prowess has given her diverse fans.