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The RealReal Has The Fashion Items You’ve Been Wanting

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

A vintage gold link belt from Chanel is a rare piece to find. The RealReal has one. The piece gives off 1970s vibes. Attached this masterpiece of a belt is a Karl Lagerfeld inspired coin with the iconic Chanel symbol. Finding something like this is unheard, uncommon. But being one of the fastest growing luxury resale companies has caused this company to get their hands on classic pieces that are just not made anymore.

The RealReal gets its name from how the company believes in authenticity. They ever hire trained experts who know authenticity. So, if you happen to come by a saddle bag made from the fabulous Dior, rest assured this handbag has been certified as an authentic item. Other luxury handbag designers can be seen on the company’s social media, website, pop up stores and permanent locations.

Billions are spent on fashion. The luxury market is huge. But today’s shopper could careless about having the newest fashion item from a top designer. Instead, they want to own a piece of luxury fashion and once they are finish they pass it on. This has caused for The RealReal to explode. The company has tapped into this eager demand of consumers. The company offers womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories and jewelry. They have expanded from being solely a website to having a few store locations. The company is no where near slowing down. They plan to expand their locations. They plan to offer customers more products from different high end designers. Of course, they plan to continue to allow customers to feel secured in knowing they are the authority on authenticating luxury fashion items.