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Graham Edward: Executive Genius at Telereal Trillium

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards is an executive genius. His role played an important part to the achievements Telereal Trillium has made in the property management and investment industry. King’s College London and University of Cambridge graduate, Graham Edward, draws from his extensive experience stemming from several positions, that essentially lead Telereal Trillium to the forefront of the market.

Before becoming CEO of Telereal, Edwards was managing other companies, using his expertise to help propel them. He began as Fund manager for the Merill Lynch Investment Management as well as the head of finance for the BT group Plc. He later became Chief Investment officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. He is responsible for instituting It as the Pears FSA registered asset management arm and bringing their first capital investment of just 50 million to over 1 billion assets, under Talisman management

In 2001 Edwards successfully initiated a tactical property partnership with British Telecom, also known as BT Plc. The transaction was worth a $2.38 billion. It involved the bulk of BT’s UK properties, resulting in the gain of 6,700 properties, which would be the equivalent to 59.2 million square feet. This significant transaction ultimately led to the creation of Telereal, which at the time, was a joint venture between Land securities Group Plc.

Acting CEO, Graham Edward Telereal, reaches yet another milestone for Telereal in 2009 when he successfully conducted strategic negotiations leading to the acquisition of Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. Consequently, forming the company currently known as Telereal Trillium. This transaction ultimately led to the property market mogul position the organization is in today. This pivotal moment in Telereal Trillium history created a partnership capable of superseding profit expectations, by combining the formally two separate forms of expertise. Edwards expertise and strategic planning increased their annual revenue, totaling over $1 billion a year.