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QNET And The RYTHM Foundation: Providing Clean Drinking Water For Children

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

The RYTHM Foundation is the charitable arm of the internationally known marketing organization QNET. Through the RYTHM Foundation QNET has been able to offer a host of free services and programs in the communities where they do business. Their latest program is called the Positive Thoughts Project. The Positive Thought Project is a program designed to provide clean drinking water to learning disabled children. Participation in the project is open to everyone. All people have to do to participate is to visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and post a positive thought. When 500 or more people have left positive posts, a school for learning disable people will receive a free 7-stage water filtration system.

QNET has long been associated with creating jobs and economic opportunities throughout the developing world. The company has helped to lift untold numbers of communities out of poverty and improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people. It does so by offering quality products at affordable prices and giving the local people the opportunity to market the products themselves as independent representatives of QNET. Many of these positions are offered in communities with some of the world’s highest rates of employment. Often a QNET job is the only thing preventing families from sinking into poverty, destitution, and hopelessness.

Safe drinking water is often scarce in these communities as well. Drinking dirty water can hurt the developing minds of young children. That is part of the motivation behind the creation of the Positive Thoughts Project. This is just one small way for QNET through the RYTHM Foundation to begin to address the problem of unsafe water that plagues many poor communities around the world. Through the Positive Thoughts Project the average person can help to provide clean water for leaning disabled youth by simply visiting the FaceBook page and saying something positive.

The problem of unsafe drinking water facing large portions of the world’s population is a serious matter. The Positive Thoughts Project being run by QNET and the RYTHM Foundation is just one way the company is raising awareness of the problem and helping to provide a solution. QNET and the RYTHM Foundation understand that awareness is the first step towards finding a solution. Through the Positive Thoughts Project the company will provide HomePure RED 7-stage premier water filtration systems for the students at the Taarana School and the Rashid Center.