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Rap On Broadway

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Russel Simmons is bringing Rap to Broadway in a Hip Hop inspired musical he is developing. Simmons expects to get his new musical on Broadway in 2016. He’s hired Dan Charnas to pen the script.

Simmons says the musical will have the feel of Love Story meets Public Enemy and will be something he believes the Broadway world will enjoy. He says there will be a mixture of Rap songs as well as free form within the musical.

There have been some mixed reviews with some saying it won’t work. TheWetSeal suggests that recent stink with another rap Broadway musical didn’t work at all, but a different take on Hip Hop with looking at it’s history as the theme of the musical was well received. It’s too soon to tell how this one is going to end up working for Simmons

There are a lot of different people creating musicals and a Rap or Hip Hop one may just hit the mark for Broadway.