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The Slow but Significant Strides of Artificial Intelligence

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Artificial intelligence has always been an elusive concept for many decades. A story in the Deccan Herald looks at the growth of AI technology over the years. Different entities have tried various projects to tap into the potential of AI but failed. The best minds have conducted research of all kinds in the fields of Robotics, Neuromorphic Engineering, and Machined Learning. Experts in various industries waited for a significant moment in history when AI would burst into the scene and awe everyone, but that did not happen.

The Subtlety of AI Use

The impact that AI has had in the world today is subtle and hard to notice. Various AI-based applications made their way into the market slowly without pomp and flair. The Siri application from Apple, for instance, is one tool that uses artificial intelligence to recognize voices. There is also the automatic tagging of friends on Facebook and the predictive search features of Google. These are all ways that people have been using AI for their day to day activities.

AI and its Impact on Online shopping

One field that is enjoying the influence of artificial intelligence is e-commerce. The internet has become a tremendous market since the advent all over of Amazon. Once Amazon spread all over the globe, loads of retail stores were set up, and people had endless options. However, there was a need for online retailers to find ways to set their businesses apart. With everyone providing virtually the same services, staying ahead of the competition means being unique. Image-based learning and big data analytics are some of the tools that e-commerce sites use to provide different services.

A Look at Slyce

AI makes an appearance in the form of visual image search which is slowly taking root in e-commerce. An application like Slyce makes it possible for shoppers to find products that are similar to what they are looking for. Shopping for products online may be convenient but is not always easy. There are so many online stores and a plethora of products that picking just one becomes nearly impossible. Online sites provide certain applications that make it less complicated for online shoppers to discover products. The use of visual imaging has revolutionized searching on e-commerce sites.

Slyce is available for shoppers on both mobile and desktop. It enhances the experience of simplified online shopping. The visual search works by finding products that are similar to the images of items that shoppers like.