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Mark Linzenbold New Energy Power Of Agera Energy

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

How many times did you find yourself going shopping for a particular item, and afterward you come home with something completely different?


Supplying with electricity and natural gas is one of the most important services for households as well for economy subjects. But we often pay less attention when we choose among companies who provide us such services. In the various offer of products, we are often not sure what do we actually need. The prices are mixing and we are confused because all the products look pretty much the same. But are they really? Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

How To Choose The Right Energy Supplier?

Many confusing options are surrounding us, and that’s why is important to find the right one.


Our new favorable electricity supplying service. But how to find it?


Agera Energy is not just a supplier but also can be your guide. This company empowers you to make your own energy decisions and find the right modus that will satisfy your needs.


Energy is one of the major expenses for many businesses as well as households. For that exact reason, Agera Energy tries to be different and to have different services with which it would stand out from the competition. This company tries not to see you just as a ratepayer, but as a customer. This company treats its customers responsible, serious, and that’s where their difference starts to be shown. Agera Energy is well-known for its energy supply, efficiency and audit services. Their strategy is not to take invasive measures on monthly bills, but to nurture their customers and provide a good service.



They are constantly working on their new products and ideas. This is also supported by the fact that they are able to reinforce their staff in order to progress.

Agera Energy Welcomed Their New CFO

In the summer of 2018, the company announced that Mark Linzenbold has joined their team as their Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Linzenbold has an amazing background in the energy industry since he spent more than seven years as a Vice President at Direct Energy. He has extensive experience in all areas of finance, business management as well in the organizational area.


Agera Energy team was very exciting when Mark joined their team.


Although he changed the colors of the team, Mark did not change his business philosophy.


Let’s hope this success will also be seen in practice. Read more about Agera Energy on