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Sergio Cortes and his Views on the Zika Virus

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Sergio Cortes is a well-respected Brazilian doctor that has been practicing medicine for many years. Currently, Cortes has been combating the effects of the Zika virus which has been creating a lot of problems in Brazil and in other tropical regions of the world. The Zika virus has been around in one form or another since the 1940s. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been responsible for affecting pregnancies and causing illness for many Brazilian people.

The Zika virus was always present within tropical regions of the Earth but it never was a problem until April of 2015. The condition has rapidly spread since April of 2015 and it continues to affect more people as each day passes. More mosquitoes than ever are infected with the condition. They are now coming into contact with a lot of people. The condition is not only present in Brazil it is also on the rise in Mexico, Columbia, Thailand and even India.

The mosquito population has increased within Brazil and other tropical regions. Since it has, a greater number of mosquitoes are now infected with the virus. The mosquitoes can only get the virus by biting an infected person. In turn, these mosquitoes infect other people. The Zika virus cannot be spread from person to person. This disease can only be given by mosquitoes.

The Brazilian government and health officials are putting forth an effort to help reduce the mosquito population within the nation. They want people to eliminate any standing water sources; regardless of size. The fact is that a mosquito can lay eggs in a small pop bottle cap that is filled with water. So, they want all standing water sources to be removed. The government is also using spraying methods and killing the bugs at their source to keep mosquito populations under control.

Keep in mind that the Zika virus is similar to other mosquito causing ailments such as dengue and chikungunya. These particular viruses are also spread by mosquitoes and they too cause certain problems within a person’s body. Zika is primarily known for causing fever, muscle pain and rash. It has also been linked to microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Microcephaly is a condition that affects the head size of new born babies. It causes a baby’s head to be smaller than normal when the child is born. Guillain-Barre syndrome is an autoimmune disease that temporarily causes white blood cells to attack a person’s nerves. Most people do not realize that they have Zika because the symptoms do not show up right away. Symptoms can show up between 3 and 7 days.

Dr. Cortes has extensive experience and knowledge for combating diseases and dealing with virus outbreaks. He is considered one of the leading medical authorities in Brazil. People can find out more about his views concerning the Zika virus by reading his blog Find out more about Zika virus with Sergio Cortes. This particular blog is located on Segio Cortes’s personal website. You can also follow Dr. Cortes online through his Facebook page.

Sergio Cortes Makes Respectable Career Impersonating Pop Legend

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Impersonators all over the world have embraced the lifestyle of taking on alternative personas. They accomplish this con art through displaying similarities to their victims, such as their voices, fashion sense, and by the interactions that they have with other people.

On his Facebook profile page, a 43-year old Spanish man by the name of Sergio Cortes claims that this alternative lifestyle is a rather difficult one to maintain. He says that sharing the likeness of talented songwriters, singers, and performers is just as talent-demanding as the jobs of the impersonated celebrities themselves.

The Michael Jackson lookalike has made a career simply by taking on the character of the deceased pop idol. As a child, he observed the way a young Michael Jackson sang and danced during his time in the Jackson 5. He idolized Jackson at such a young age and was eventually offered gigs just dressing and posing as MJ during Cortes’s teenage years. After this, Sergio Cortes was determined to make this impersonation into a career.

Sergio Cortes went on to achieve greatness by mimicking Michael Jackson. He has been offered invitations to attend American Idol in several countries and has also managed to book miscellaneous jobs, such as his own concerts. He has gained a respectable number of fans, having over 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. Today, Cortes still passes as Michael Jackson. While he enjoys the lifestyle he’s taken on, he says that it is still a tiring one, and comparable to that of a star.

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

When it comes to impersonification, most of you wannabes embarrass yourself with poorly rocked outfits and voices that sound like a thirsty toad. Well guys, sit back and get lessons from a real champion. He has built a brand from the departed king and is winning at this game. Do you seek proof? Take a look at his YouTube profile and watch his 1 billion views on YouTube rise. Yes, he is that good. He has had more views than the real musician. He has perfected the art of personification, and he is king at it. His name is Sergio Cortes.

Before we give the golden tips, we know you desperately seek; a little about he 1st.He was born in the summer of 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He was brought up in Madrid by his mother and seven other brothers.
He says the secret to success is very straightforward. Follow this and you will follow him all the way to the bank.


He trains 4 hours a day and has been training g for 28 years. Ok now let’s do the math.28 year of training to be like one person. Your weekend training schedule is a laughable comparison that can’t be compared.


Have a team of professional managers to sell your Brand. Sergio Cortes has team that markets and promotes his shows. They handle his shows and make sure he sells across the world. Thanks to his brand, he is currently on a word tour. He has choreographers, backup singers, dancers and a set stage team.


Sergio had to travel from his home city of Madrid in Spain to Brazil where he knew his brand would sell. He has not only taken over the country but is today the best there is.


Don’t let fame get into your head and carry you away. Don’t believe your hype. You should have a humble private life. Sergio lives in seclusion with his pet dog. He is said to be a good graphics designer who takes part in competitions.


Sergio Cortes sells his brand has one who will give a real Michael Jackson to all segments. He targets the young and old. There you have it guys follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Lessons You Can Learn From MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

For many individuals, impersonating a person is a task that calls for some keenness and creativity. It can prove challenging especially when you are not well versed with the art of impersonating an individual. To impersonate a person fully, one needs to capture all the characters the person displays. This is a bit of a task considering you will also need to be of a similar size with the person. Therefore, those who have successfully impersonated individuals can confirm that it requires great courage and training to achieve any results. Sergio Cortes is an example of people who have succeeded in their attempts to impersonate famous people. Sergio Cortes, the late pop king’s impersonator, has been trending son social platforms as well as in the media for the skills and creativity he has displayed in the art.

An article available at cites that Sergio Cortes began practicing on how to impersonate Michael Jackson from a young age. He showed undivided love for Michael’s music and even attempted to try his moves. This zeal remained strong for years until in 2010, when he did a tribute performance that drew great numbers. This is the point at which his life would change forever. Many responded with messages of love and admiration of his work, something that encouraged him to even work harder to offer a better performance in subsequent shows. Sergio Cortes relates his success to endless training and research, which has helped him understand more about Michael Jackson. He has also invited criticism and advice so as to perfect his art. Although this has not been one of the best experiences, he has managed to emerge victorious and has gained more strength to keep moving.

Sergio Cortes is also a sociable person, with many followers on Twitter. This is one of the online spaces he has been using to showcase hi work and ability to perfectly impersonate Michael Jackson. He also confirms that he has more than 16000 followers on Facebook, who are his fans and people who love the music of late Michael Jackson. Using social media has worked by offering him a perfect platform where he can collect views and learn more about his ability to deliver. From his voice to dancing style, Sergio Cortes has perfectly impersonated Michael Jackson. His dedication has led to many invitations to perform at great events and platforms, where he has interacted with different individuals.

The Life Of Sergio Cortes AKA Sergio Jackson

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Sergio embodies the best of Impersonators. The charismatic young imitator mimics Michael Jackson to perfection. He has been called the best there is and will ever be due to how close he is to Jackson. He talks like him, sings like him, walks like him and dances with him. He had been a double since the age of 16 when he doubled MJ during his wedding to Elvis Presley’s daughter.
Sergio Cortes was born 44 years ago in July.He was born in the Spanish city of Barcelona to a family of 9.His elder brother introduced him to the Jackson 5 at an early age. From then onwards he started watching his videos wherever he could find them. He also aspired to dress like him and talk like him. All this obsessive behavior paid off in 1987 when Michael was visiting Spain. A journalist noticed how good he was and hired him to play as a double. It marked the beginning of his career.

Being an impersonator take skills and intelligence. He today strikes everything right. When singing, you may be tempted to think it’s the best lip synch ever. Buts it’s not, he is just that good. His videos have amassed over 900 million views on YouTube. A number that is bigger than most leading musicians. He today runs his company specializing in his brand. He has been said to deliver world class Michael Jackson acts in Sold out shows across the world. In Brazil where he lives, he is very popular. He has a big fan base in Latin America and is urgently growing his brand across the world. He is a professional who will deliver his bid in a professional way.
Personally, Sergio is a more artistic less theatrical version of Michael. He lives in seclusion in Brazil with a few friends and sometimes the company of his brothers. His brothers have shown support for him and sometimes accompany him to his shows. He is rumored to be gay . He is a big collector of action figures and dolls and has even awards on graphic design. He has a female Yorkshire named Zaffy, and he says she is his best friend.
His efforts at keeping the memory Of M.J. alive should be applauded.He has worked very hard to be where he currently stands. We salute you, Sergio Jackson.

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The Thrilling Sergio Cortes

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

The inspiring Michael Jackson will forever have admirers around the world. His breathtaking dancing and vocal abilities are going to be appreciated for many years into the future. His legacy of music is powerful and today greatly alive because of a man named Sergio Cortes. He is recognized as the very best Michael Jackson impersonators on earth.

Sergio Cortes is regarded as the most impressive in this field. He is considered the most genuine Michael Jackson imitator in recent history. Fans of Michael Jackson possess a real deep relationship with the missed celebrity. They really want another enthusiastic fan to turn into a duplicate of their much-loved King Of Pop.

Millions experienced a real loss when Jackson passed and had been left looking for an impersonator that can help fill up the emptiness. As a young boy, Sergio Cortes was captivated by the pop super star and began copying Jackson’s dance moves and performing style. He would commit several hours a day learning every little thing about Michael Jackson.

These days Sergio has all of it the stroll, the dancing techniques, as well as the tone of voice. After many years of training his voice it is identical to Michael’s. Hearing him one could believe it is actually Jackson singing. He can sing out live in any environment to demonstrate that he can sound the same as Michael Jackson. He’s got each and every ensemble of clothing out of every MJ period duplicated for his shows.

When Sergio poses for photographs it is common to mistaken him for the genuine MJ. He’s the entire and complete package. He has devoted fans who appreciate his thrilling shows simply because they help remind them a lot of Michael Jackson. This unbelievably gifted Spanish man has brought the realm of impersonators to a higher level. It’s impossible to come close to Sergio. He continues to practices daily to make certain his shows are fantastic.

He really loves his followers and wishes to provide them with the top Michael Jackson experience any imitator can offer. He did not have to go through any plastic sugary to achieve the appearance because he effortlessly looks like the King Of Pop. Each one of these factors make him esteemed by Michael Jackson lovers across the world.

It is simple to see many of his shows on the internet since the YouTube is filled video clips of Sergio executing what he does best. Sergio will constantly strive so fans remember what made Michael Jackson so loved.

Sergio Cortes Shows That One’s Art Can Outlive The Man

Friday, October 16th, 2015

It’s a rare person who hasn’t, at some time, given some thought as to what constitutes the measure of a man. By what should one judge himself, others, or the output of a human life. Many people will spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to measure their life. For others it’s a bit easier and at the same time more complex. Artists in general have an advantage in critiquing their own life. An artist will usually view the measure of his life in the legacy of his art. But at the same time there’s an important question of interaction.

Many artists feel that interaction is vital to art. And that’s why it might well be said that only a few performers have gained true immortality through their creative output. Ask a man named Sergio Cortes about the subject and one might find some easy answers. Because in speaking to him it’s obvious that a man’s legacy can continue, in full interactivity, far past the point where he himself has passed away. The reason is that he has another title, MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator who not only excels at his craft, but who also shows the nature of artistic legacy. One of the biggest reasons for this is that there’s a lot of people working to impersonate Jackson as a performer. But one of the biggest mistakes people make when considering an artistic legacy has to do with confusion between art and artist. It’s true that art needs to stand apart from the person who created it. But at the same time, to emulate the nature of a particular artist in performance one can never forget the actual man or woman. An artist creates art, but they’re still a human being who brings any number of different cultural and personal aspects to a performance. Cortes is one of only a very few, or even arguably the only, Jackson impersonators who really grasps this fact of life.

Cortes isn’t content to simply bring Jackson’s performances back to life. He recognizes that the totality of one’s art needs to involve spontaneity and personal contributions. As such he’s learned everything about Jackson’s life. He can speak like Jackson, dress like him, and most importantly he can live like Jackson as well. And this is what has most grasped public interest with Cortes. Because Cortes isn’t content to simply bring Jackson’s art to life for people, he brings Jackson’s spirit to them as well.

Micheal Jackson Impersonators “Beat It” When Sergio Cortes Enters A Room

Monday, October 5th, 2015

In 2009, the world lost one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Micheal Jackson. Even though his demise was a huge tragedy, we are all very lucky to be able to remember him through his music, his entertaining videos and in some cases by Micheal Jackson impersonators. However, unlike his music, a lot of the MJ impersonators do not capture the essence of the King of Pop. Meaning, a lot of them display deficiencies that remind us of how difficult it is to replicate the legacy that Micheal Jackson left behind – until, you meet Sergio Cortes.

People say that we all have a non-biological twin somewhere in the world. This theory may seem far fetched until you see with your own eyes, possibly the greatest impersonator of all time, Mr. Cortes. Simply put, his talents as an impersonator is nothing short of amazing. Visually, all of Cortes’ physical features resemble Micheal Jackson: from his facial and bone structure, to his body type, to his smile, to his body language, to his hands and even his lips are all a near perfect match of Micheal Jackson. When you see Cortes on film or in pictures, it is hard to discern whether or not you are looking at the real thing. In addition, Cortes’ voice is truly remarkable because if you close your eyes and hear him sing, you would think that Micheal Jackson was in the room with you. Cortes also has all of the right moves and captures the spirit that Micheal Jackson resonated when he moon walked and danced across a stage.

Cortes’ talents are embraced by Micheal Jackson fans all over the world, for he is constantly booked for shows in different countries and regions like Italy, Brazil, France, North America and South America. He has become a global icon for impersonators, and part of his fan base actually includes other Micheal Jackson impersonators.

Cortes deserves the attention and critical acclaim that he receives because his live shows are really exciting and hypnotic. When Micheal Jackson fans see Cortes perform live or when he makes a special appearance at an event, they feel like they are interfacing with Micheal Jackson’s clone.

Cortes is a native of Barcelona, Spain and he demonstrated a natural gift for singing and dancing at an early age. He was always a fan of Micheal Jackson, and when he was a teenager he knew that he wanted to be a Micheal Jackson impersonator. Cortes is extremely adored because he has a natural tenderness and charisma that mirrors the persona of Micheal Jackson. Sergio Cortes also has a passion for spreading peace and love throughout the globe. Some people say that Cortes represents the return of Micheal Jackson and others say that he is simply, Prince Sergio.