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Betterworks Announces Additional Investments

Monday, April 15th, 2019

Betterworks has announced that it has secured an extra investment of $27 million, bringing its overall Series B investments to $51 million. Outside of Series B funding rounds, the company has raised another $16 million, bringing the full investments to $67 million. Betterworks has noted that the leading investors in the Series B round were Emergence Capital, who also had additional help from Kleiner Perkins; the company also announced that there were a variety of seed investors throughout the entire process. It also announced that these investments would go toward continuing product innovation and development.

Over the past few years, Betterworks has developed and released a variety of different products and services for businesses. The majority of these have been focused on performance management tasks, with the most prominent being oal creation, performance conversations, and feedback. It’s also been noted that over the past few years, the majority of these products and services have been used an increasing amount of time by businesses and have been incredibly successful. With that in mind, it’s also been noted that activities using these products related to these tasks have doubled over the last year. Betterworks has also noted that this has also seen a positive effect on the likes of enterprise agility, alignment, talent retention, and overall performance.

Speaking about the most recent round of investments, John Doerr, chairman of Kleiner Perkins, noted that Betterworks provides a complete solution to many of the tasks that businesses need to do. As a result of this, he’s noted that businesses who utilize these services are seeing a significant amount of benefits across the company. Furthermore, he’s noted that these investments will go toward increasing Betterworks’ competitive advantage in the area, while also continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations as the company grows and continues to innovate.