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A Brief Overview of Robert Deignan’s Professional Pursuits

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

The heroic Robert Deignan has been able to sail through the storms of life making her one of the outstanding entrepreneur and business owner in our current history. He started her pursuit of success by attending Purdue University where he attained BS in Organizational Leadership by 1995. After working in various organizations and gaining some experiences he started ATS Digital Services, in 2011. Since then, he has been in the top leadership of the company where he serves as the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Robert Deignan has been tailoring the Advanced Tech Support (ATS) to operate on certain core competencies especially when dealing with their customers. Their quality services are offered to the clients following their laid on the process of using efficient tools, fixing issues fast hence becoming very efficient in their operations, qualified technician who fix both complex and simple problems and offering best software in the market. Their aim is to create, execute and apply the best solutions to the problems presented to them.

Under the leadership of Robert Deignan, ATS has turned out to be the first call center to be offering premium services to software apps users after being certified by AppEsteem Corporation. The AppEsteem requires a company to comply with all the 39 parameters set before certifying them. And the contribution of Robert has led ATS to such height of complying with all the rules. According to Robert, their consumer-focused parameters have always been the backbone of the organization’s success. The company is based in Boca Raton in Florida.

The passion of Robert Deignan in seeing the company grow has led him to commit his entrepreneurial skills into ATS which has enabled it to have tremendous growth. Even prior to AppEsteem coming in to certify them, Robert and team had already fulfilled all the requirements which were required by AppEsteem and when he realized they have attained the level, it became even easier to be certified. The certification has given customers, software vendors, security companies and even regulators confidence in Robert advancement in ATS because for many years the industry has been flooded by frauds who exploited the consumers on matters of computer software.

Onelogin Gives Sage Advice For Keeping Your Company Secure

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

In a recent blog post onlines, a cybersecurity expert discusses how cybersecurity is like Game Of Thrones. For instance, they relate the preparation of Jon Snow’s forces for war like the cybersecurity teams preparing their defenses against attack in real life. Cybersecurity teams are tasked with keeping highly confidential information secure and out of the reach of would-be cyber attackers just like Westeros’ northern border safe from invaders such as White Wakers, wildling, and wights.

The article goes on to warn internet users of zombie accounts. The article uses the analogy of how deceased characters on the show come back as a wight and then must be burned to be rid of them permanently. In that sense, once an employee leaves your company, that doesn’t mean their access information is dead. This can produce a security threat for your company because of the remaining digital footprint.

Overall, the security of your company comes down to everyone playing their part and making cybersecurity a big priority for the benefit of everyone says cybersecurity company OneLogin. Unfortunately, may board members of top companies do not feel that cybersecurity is a major risk and tend to flounder on decisions in favor of tightening security and eliminating risks. One of the key elements involved with cybersecurity is making sure that all members of the company are familiar with, and execute password best practices. Some of the useful techniques include using phrases rather than passwords and not writing down any passphrases or passwords where they can easily be accessed.

Some other helpful tips included having employees become knowledgeable regarding the best way to deal with phishing and malware threats. Those are the top issues that companies see on a regular basis. Basically, the company needs to work together to avoid being compromised as well as each individual taking responsibility for their daily activities.