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Brian Mulligan of Brooknol Advisers – Renaissance Man.

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


Brian Mulligan considers himself to be a fortunate man. He contributes his successes to a solid education, working smart, and professing strong leadership characteristics.
Over a 30-year career in the media/entertainment field, he has held such offices as Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Senior Vice President of MCA, Inc.
Currently Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, a company and website that marries Mulligan’s extensive media background with his knowledge and interest in the dynamic world of professional sports business.
Its Field of Green blog-type format covers sports marketing, finance, law, media, technology and sports venues like stadiums and arenas. What CNBC television is to Wall Street and the financial world, Brooknol Advisers and the Field of Green website are to the business end of professional sports.
All professional sports are covered on The Fields of Green website including The Fan Index, a link that presents the latest in NASCAR racing news. A strong team of noted sports writers and columnists contribute sporting articles and essays. Mulligan himself writes occasionally about the latest in sports business and offers his opinions on legal and media sports matters. Fifteen direct links to sports business sites also provide the interested sports fans with the latest in sporting news.
It takes a special breed of executive, a renaissance type person, to be able to occupy the various seats of power that Brian Mulligan has held over his career. His higher education interests and background have certainly played a role in his lofty successes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Then he went across town and earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.
One of the more interesting articles Mulligan has written recently for Field of Green offered suggestions to young people interested in pursuing the business end of sports as a career. Putting low-paying apprenticeships aside, which are hard to come by anyway, Mulligan titled his article, “Volunteering is the best way into sports business.”
His thinking is that helping young people gain a resume and exposure to sports executives, agents, and the athletes themselves are keys in helping them build a sport-business career. Volunteering for even the most menial of jobs in both the sports and media world is often the best and fastest way to open the doors to that exposure.


Monday, September 7th, 2015

Brian Mulligan is an American citizen. He graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He also holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration from John E Anderson Graduate School of Management in Los Angeles at the University of Califonia. Mr Brian is the current Chief Executive Officer of Brooknol Advisors, which is a media, entertainment and sports advisory company. Before his appointment to the company as the CEO, Mr Brian has served in various senior positions in different companies. He has worked in many firms bringing remarkable changes. His administrative skills and knowledge helped him to formulate proper structures for the development. His appointment at Brooknol was a big blessing to the company because he brought in that work experience.

Brian Mulligan has also involved himself in co-curricular activities in the society. He was once the head coach of youth tackle football and travel basketball team. He was also a commissioner of youth basketball league. From this context, it is easy for one to tell why Mr Brian has a lot of passion for sports in general.

Brian Mulligan has worked in many media houses. He has also served in many positions from the editors’ desk to the managing director. He is also involved in many charities within the country especially giving donations to many institutions. Anyone who gives back to the society especially by empowering the youth education wishes for sure invests in the future. So, Mr Brian is impacting the youth with future bread hence making them self-reliant.

Brian Mulligan serves as a good example to those who work under him in the company. He is the boss, but you can imagine he still goes to the ground to cover and write the sports news. This shows that he is not boastful. He covers all sports news ranging from athletics, football, cricket, baseball, rugby and many others just to mention a few.

Mr Brian is not associated with any political party in the United States. There is no any evidence linking him to any party though he offers money donations to the two big parties in America. He has just continued to support Republican and Democratic parties with money for the parties to meet their expenses.

Brooklin Advisors has qualified journalists who cover news globally ranging from the entertainment scene, economic, geographical, social and political area.