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The Lung Institute – Helping COPD Patients Breathe Free Again Through Stem Cell Treatment

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Due to smoking, drinking, vaping, pollution, and a range of other factors, there is a definitive damage done to lungs every day even if we don’t realize it. And the danger today is much higher than it was ever before because the modernization and rapid industrialization have negatively impacted the environment and our lifestyle. This evolution, along with its benefits has also brought many health hazards with itself.

Cigarette smoking, as well as air pollutants, can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and in the US alone over 24 million people have it. The airflow in and out of our body during the breathing process is restricted in this disease, and in the advanced stages, it can even cause a fatality. In matters of lungs, the bad part is that once the damage is done, it can be controlled or managed, but can never be reversed completely. And, this is why smoking cigarette is one of the most self-inflicting harmful practices.

According to, the medical standards and treatment for COPD have remained largely unchanged for many years, which adds to the agony of the patients suffering from it. This is why; many people are shifting their focus on alternative treatment methods, one of the most effective being the stem cell therapy and treatment. The leader in providing stem cell therapy treatments for chronic lung diseases is The Lung Institute, based in Tampa, which is a medical research institution that aims to provide treatment for chronic diseases through stem cells. The institute uses the stem cells that are found in patient’s bone marrow or blood for the treatment and so far has treated over three thousand patients since its inception in 2013.

Currently, The Lung Institute has five clinics across the country and encourages people with chronic lung diseases to visit the center for extensive consultation with its stem cell treatment experts. The difference between the standard COPD treatment and stem cell treatment is that stem cell helps the lungs to heal from within itself. The Lung Institute aims to improve the lifestyle of the people with COPD through its stem cell therapy treatment, which is effective and result-oriented.

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