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In Order To Live; Yeonmi Park’s Story

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

In Order To Live is Yeonmi Park’s book about her harrowing escape from North Korea as a child. Though she has openly told the world about the challenges she encountered when growing up, the book is an explicit revelation about how life used to be when she was growing up. Her family was close knit until the regime took her dad to prison for allegedly being involved in a metal smuggling illegal business. In the book, she also describes the way they were programmed to believe that everything they were thinking as kids was being reflected to the dictators end and that he could easily read their minds.

Soon after Yeonmi Park’s father was imprisoned, they were forced to the most cruel margins of the North Korean society that treated them like criminals. With the help of a male friend, her mother decided that they should go to China for greener pastures regarding human rights and life. They went through the Chinese border at night and when they eventually arrived in China, the man who helped them past the border started making sexual advances to Park. Because they were too afraid of being taken back to North Korea, her mother offered herself and Yeonmi Park had to endure watching the man rape her so as not to tell the Chinese authorities that they were in the country illegally.

On its part, the North Korean regime branded her as a human rights propagandist on who was determined to tarnish the country’s image for her own gain. However, she has since refuted the claims and says that the regime is afraid she might expose it further to the world about the atrocities it has committed on its populate. The 21 year old has slowly become a world sensation when matters related to human rights and women empowerment are concerned.

Very different with girls her age from different countries, Yeonmi Park is a good definition of a risk taker and someone who can be looked up to. Currently a public speaker and media personality, she does not flinch when she talks about how all people regardless of race and affiliation are supposed to be given equal treatment.

Her courage has earned her friends and foes alike. Friends are the millions she encourages through her motivational speeches and now, her book. Foes are the likes of the North Korean regime who view her as a threat instead of someone they should work with so as to improve the conditions of the North Korean people both economically and in all other ways. All in all, she is a perfect example of an individual who has braced all challenges to make a good life out of a situation many would consider a challenge in life.