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Doug Levitt and a Greyhound Bus Ticket

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Doug Levitt once traveled the world as a correspondent for major news networks such as ABC and NBC. He traded that life with a differing viewpoint that allows the world to see and feel the stories of the downtrodden of the United States. His efforts began with a ticket for a ride on a Greyhound bus and his subconscious need to tell his story.


Levitt’s father, a Washington, D.C. council-member, committed suicide when Doug was a mere 16-years-old. That experience catapulted him into the world of music, a place where he could express his inner turmoil. When Levitt made the decisions to leave his correspondence position, he traveled back to the United States.


The need he felt to share his story with others, in hope of helping them, led to the Greyhound Diaries. The beginning of this journey started with a bus ticket because he believed that only people who were most down on their luck would ride a bus. His assumption was on target and he met countless people who had a story that helped him rather than the reverse.


Levitt has been riding the bus for the better part of a decade and covered an estimated 100,000 miles. He shares his stories on tours and giving life to the stories of those searching for a better life. Those stories are now songs, photographs and writings for the sake of posterity.


The idea for the Greyhound Diaries came to him when he realized that the circumstances in the country drove people to things they wouldn’t normally do. For instance, people who would have travelled via airplane might now be found on a bus due to the financial crisis that began a decade ago. He wanted to make a positive impact on the world, and indeed, he has.


He has taken 20,000 photos and spoken at numerous venues to include the Kennedy Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Perhaps one of the most giving gestures are the number of times he has spoken at homeless shelters; which gives the most unfortunate people hope.


Doug Levitt education at Cornell University eventually led to a Fulbright scholarship to attend the London School of Economics where he earned a Master of International Relations. His time spent at these schools prepared him for a career in correspondence, but he could not have known that it would eventually lead to the most meaningful leg of his career as a hopeful voice for those feeling hopeless.