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Rocketship Education Reconsidered

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Washington Monthly recently published an article by Alexander Russo titled, “NPR’s Deeply Unbalanced Profile of Rocketship Charter Schools.” The article indicates that the coverage on Rocketship Charter Schools did not have a balanced viewpoint in the 3,800-word essay. The article in question was titled “High Test Scores—But at What Cost” by a blogger named Anya Kamenetz. The original piece discussed Rocketship Education as one of the popular school chains that use blended learning to encourage rapid knowledge acquisition.

However, the article in question states that Rocketship Education has practices that allow children to gain knowledge and skills quickly are difficult. It causes some parents and other community members to raise concern about the instruction model that focuses on technology instead of holistic student learning.

Russo reveals that the piece did not reveal that Rocketship Education uses a similar method as many other charter school networks. The tight discipline and ritualistic classroom are used in other networks like the Success Academy and KIPP which also have high test scores. Rocketship Education uses a technology-heavy learning model but Rocketship Education recognized it needed to change the technology model to expand properly.

The piece does not go into why the schools gained in popularity while providing too much weight to the critical anecdotes. In particular, Kamentz criticized the retesting and bathroom break policy. The staff turnover is also high compared to other schools in the area.

The piece also became controversial for considering Rocketship Education a company rather than a charter school, causing many to accuse the network of being a commercial venture. Rocketship Education is non-profits, they are not a for-profit company. Kamenetz also did not seem concerned that the piece had a slant as a takedown rather than as an unbiased piece of journalism.

Rocketship Education creates personalized learning for every student. The teachers tailor the learning experience, the content and the instruction to better help the children in their learning career. It also helps teachers continue to learn the latest in techniques and strategies by providing greater teacher development so each teacher might also reach his or her potential in the classroom.

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Organization Gold Has A Coffee Culture That Is Different From Mainstream

Friday, October 5th, 2018

There is no doubt about the coffee culture that exists for Organo Gold today. This is most definitely a culture that is composed of coffee drinkers that do not want what is found in a typical grocery store. These are more so novelty coffee shop drinkers. This is what Organo Gold reaches out to. Bernardo Chua knew when he created a coffee brand that contained a ganoderma mushroom ingredient that contained a healing agent that there was a limited crowd that he would attract.

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Bernardo new that when he went into this that everyone would not exactly be on board. Bernardo Chua realized, however, that there was a coffee culture that existed inside of his company that would make this brand survive. He knew that there were people in place that we’re going to appreciate something that many other people that were satisfied with coffee from Starbucks or a typical grocery store would not exactly appreciate.

What Organo Gold has become is a brand of coffee that speaks to a generation of consumers that want something that does not fit into a box. They want a creative brand that challenges everything that they have ever known before. There were no coffee brands that contained healing agents before Organo Gold. This is something that is totally off the grid. It is something new and innovative, and that is the reason why it has managed to captivate so many consumers.

Bernardo Chua made a decision to utilize this creative spark as his marketing niche. His ability to connect with a coffee culture that often consists of college students and coffee shops and people that like poetry may have made him highly successful with the young millennial crowd. He did not have to conform to any type of standard to connect with his potential audience.

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