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Liberty For All Is the Effort Thor Halvorssen Is All About

Friday, September 30th, 2016

When it comes to liberty for all, Thor Halvorssen is following in his ancestors’ footsteps, who have for centuries also rooted for the freedom that comes from liberation of people from tyrannical and now despotic dictatorial power of an out-of-control democratic socialist Venezuelan government that is anything but democratic. He compares his country’s current government to that of North Korea.

Øystein, his grandfather advised the former King of Venezuela, when a crisis erupted at the start of World War II and the Norwegian Merchant Marine fleet needed a safe and secure place to be kept. During the war, old Øystein even got in physical combat with some Nazis after they invaded Venezuela. Thor’s mother is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Cristóbal Mendoza, the very first of Venezuela’s Presidents.

Thor is also a relation of “The Liberator“, that is Simón Bolívar. He was the military man and renowned statesman who liberated Venezuela from Spain, way back when. Thor’s family has also paid for their stance for freedom.

In the early 1990s, evil security forces from the government abducted Thor’s own father, tortured him, and illegally imprisoned him for years. His own mother was shot by the same “security forces” while she was attending a peaceful meeting held in public. She barely survived, along with 10 other victims of the shooting. One person was killed.

These incidents have crystallized the strength of Halvorssen’s resolve in his constant philanthropy for the true freedom of democratic socialism. Thor Halvorssen points to the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe as great examples of true democratic socialism.