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Tom Petty Releases Collection of Previously Unreleased Songs

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

For the release of his 1994 album, Wildflowers, legendary rocker Tom Petty was forced to leave out an entire collection of great songs. Over the years he forgot about them. After recently rediscovering the batch of tunes, he decided to release them in an album called Wildflowers: All the Rest. His favorite and the most critically loved is the song, “Somewhere Under Heaven.” Petty originally wrote this song about love and the end of innocence with Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell. It is a song about his longing and desire for a free-spirited girl named Jenny.

Fans can learn more information about this much-anticipated album of older songs on Petty’s own website. In addition to the release of these long-buried songs, in the coming months Petty will also be reviving his rock band, Mudcrutch. Petty’s current band, Hearbreakers, in the meanwhile, will be taking a well-deserved break after their most recent grueling touring regimen.