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Fluoride Use in Water May Not Prevent Tooth Decay

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

About 66% of Americans drink tap water that has fluoride added to it to help preserve dental health and prevent cavities from forming. However, a new study suggests that the benefits of fluoride might not be as clear as once thought. Water fluoridation began in 1945 in Michigan and since then has expanded across the US, but it has always been met with criticism from those who believe that there are health risks that outweigh dental health associated with its use. The CDC’s Division of Oral Health responded by stating that it is a safe and effective way to combat teeth decay.

However, a new study has found that while fluoridated toothpaste will help prevent cavities, there is not that much evidence that fluoridated water will help prevent tooth decay. The Cochrane Collaboration took a look at every study every conducted on fluoride use in the water and then analyzed the studies.

They found that the papers that took a look at fluoridation on tooth decay did not actually point to any benefit from the fluoride use. They did not see any measurable statistical impact from the use of fluoride in the public water. Therefore, said that they concluded that there is no strong or compelling research in existence that proves water fluoridation will help prevent cavities.