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Chris Burch Innovates Fashion Mixed With Technology to Create Brand New Devices.

Monday, March 13th, 2017

The intriguing area of technology, plus the trendy area of fashion, from the genesis of their beginning, are two areas of inventiveness that have seen many changes. Both of these fascinating areas have evolved next to each another. In the span of the technically innovative 1970’s, a new machine started to become popular. It was a novel creation – a hi-tech item for spreading music, recognized by the colloquial name “boom box.” Patrons were immediately drawn to this new invention as it allowed the user to have a transportable item with which to bring music easily to others, and in addition to make the music very mobile. This gave the consumer the opportunity to carry their music out to a party or perhaps while on a stroll inside their neighborhood. When the 1980’s rolled around, the gadget became repeatedly displayed in broadcasts television and within theaters, in conjunction with dancers and their trendy new styles. Into the next decade, the 1990’s, there was a massive advancement to where the gadget was now small enough to be secured to a belt, privately experienced with personal headphones. Within only ten years, the gadget had condensed even more in size, no longer required moving parts, and now could be carried inside of a pocket. Most patrons know this development in the gadget’s size was frankly influenced by fashion.


Customers can see now that innovative technology is being connected to fashion in a variety of ways. Many creators of fashion have fashioned outfits that are intended to look after the wearer and be stylish at the same time. An excellent example of a pairing of technology with fashion is the use of an airbag worn on the user’s neck. This airbag construction blended with a garment is useable by an owner when riding their bike; should the rider fall from the bike, it inflates and their neck is protected.


Gadgets that are combined with fashion and technology are the source of revenue for CEO and builder of Burch Creative Capital, Mr. Chris Burch. Chris is a supporter of a number of enterprises that mix fashion and technology. Mr. Burch is a well established “power brander.”


He makes use of his history of promotions and branding by expanding a variety of garments, mixed with technology. Chris made Eagle’s Eye from a $2,000 fund, growing to a $165 million enterprise.



Adam Sender: Making Contemporary Artists into Stars

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

If you’re into art and art collecting, you’ve probably heard of the term “obsessive art collector.” It’s an art collector who can’t stop acquiring works of art. In fact, the collector has to build a separate area to accommodate his or her collection. Well, Adam Sender, founder of the hedge fund Exis Capital Management, doesn’t fit this category. He’s redefined art collecting and making contemporary artists in to stars.

Now in his 40s, Sender has pieced together a huge treasure chest of art work from the best contemporary artist in the United States and around the world. He began buying his first art pieces in 1998. They were artworks by unheard artists like Diana Al-Hadid, Rashid Johnson, Jim Lambie, Frank Benson and Urs Fischer. He also acquired artwork from more established artists like Mike Kelley, Jenny Holzer and Cindy Sherman.

What is Sender’s Key to Picking Artists who Become Rock Stars of the Art World?
Sender looks for emerging artists. It’s where the excitement is, Sender once told a reporter. He also said, he has a good eye and knows how to use it to buy art that everyone will want to see. Does Sender stay away from any artists?
Yes, he was honest when talking about how he picks art to acquire. He uses an abundance of caution when buying art. He doesn’t like to find artists still in school or a year into their art careers. He looks for more established artists.

Sender also said he doesn’t chase art. There’s no flavor of the month in his view who will capture his attention. He’s just a pursuer of great works of art.

Personal is how Sender’s Collection is Described
It’s certainly true that Sender has collected some of the best contemporary artwork from around the world. However, it doesn’t have the feeling of a “Greatest Hits” collection. Instead, the collection of artwork is more intimate and rich. Probably best summed up as personal.

He isn’t one who hides his enormous, personal art collection in a room for no one to view. He’s placed many of the artworks in a 5,000-square-foot home in Miami. The house will be open selected times during Art Basel Miami Beach. Guests can use the house for private brunch and evening receptions. He’s even auctioned some of his most prized artwork at Sotheby’s.

4 Factors Contributing to QNETs Fast Growth

Monday, October 12th, 2015

QNet, formerly known as Quest Net, is a multinational direct selling company under the QI group of companies. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong and just recently opened up a major overseas office in Saudi Arabia. It also has other small offices in every country where it has opened up operations. Its activities are mainly based on the Asian continent though it has franchised operations in over 30 countries globally.
Started in 1998, QNET has quickly grown into one of the world’s leading direct selling companies. It currently enjoys a global outlook with an established and networked world market. It is also established a niche that allows to compete favorably with other world leading direct selling giants. But what has made it possible for the company to achieve such enormous growth in such a short period of time:
Able management
QNET and QI group of companies were founded by a Malaysian entrepreneur and a visionary leader Vijay Eswaran. Prior to this Vijay had worked in various direct selling companies such as Synaptic and COSWAY. He gained a lot in experience from these companies and his entrepreneurial instincts led him starting his own company and implement these invaluable skills. That is how QNET and QI group of companies were born. This experience and wise choice of marketing and sales promotion strategies have managed to propel the company to the global level it now enjoys.
Product diversification
QNET understood that for them to make it in this competitive market, they had to incorporate into their system a wide variety of fast moving and profitable products. They choose to settle for luxury goods, nutrition, health care, fashion accessories, and weight management on the personal level of marketing. On the corporate level, they went for tours and travel, corporate events management, and staff training.
Being a start up and not able to establish markets in virtually every country of the world where they had presence, QNET settled for a more economical mode of marketing, Franchising. They have partnered with many world companies at either the marketing or production levels. This has had a lasting effect especially in making economical the cost of production and maximizing the company’s revenues.
Working business marketing model
Their marketing strategy is based on a model of multi-level marketing. It encourages consumers or company representatives to refer more consumers to the company products. These representatives are motivated by the guarantee of a certain commission on every sale the company makes on their referee.
These factors coupled with the good leadership, loyal staff, and worldwide acceptance the company boasts of have enabled the company achieve the global status it has today.

QNet: Multi-Level Marketing Role Model and E-Commerce Giant

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

QNet is a multi-level marketing company that deals in consumer goods. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. Since its opening in Hong Kong, Eswaran has taken his company’s expansion globally. QNet branches can be found in other countries such as India, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, and several other countries. Not only does QNet work the multi-level marketing plan, but they also follow a strategy that includes direct selling to the consumer.

When Vijay Eswaran first started his company Qnet, it was under the parent company QI Group. The first company under QNet was called Gold Quest. Gold Quest created custom numismatic coins based on commissions. In 2002, QNet branched into the vacation and travel industries. A few years later, QNet expanded their product lines again. In 2006, QNet began offering their consumers nutritional, energy, and health products, as well as a line of watches. Over the next few years, QNet would see a drastic increase in direct sales. The company reported that between the years of 2007-2012, direct sales increased in their company by 70%. Through the hard work of Eswaran, QNet has expanded into an e-commerce giant. QNet now offers products such as media, telecommunications, luxury items, wellness items, health items, travel, and training to their consumers.

In 2014, QNet partnered with an unlikely partner- the Manchester City Football Club (MCFC). QNet and the MCFC have signed a three-year agreement as QNet being the direct seeling partner for the Manchester, England-based Premier League football club. This partnership marks QNet’s foray into the sports industry. JR Mayer, who is the Managing Director of QNET, has said that their partnership with the MCFC will be one where the challenges are faced head-on and met with success.

Not only is QNet a massively successful e-commerce company, they also have a branch that handles their philanthropic interests. The RYTHM Foundation is QNet’s branch of social responsibility. RYTHM stands for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” and the group does just that. They serve local communities in their areas and help to establish community programs to better the local residents.

Joseph Bismark Gains Attention in asPire Magazine

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching television or movies you’ve likely seen how the marketing world of business is depicted. The employees are downtrodden and weary and always beyond stressed out. The most surprising thing about Hollywood’s depiction of these business employees is that they aren’t being hyperbolic. The busy world of business marketing can wear down even the most motivated of person, so how does Joseph Bismark–founding director at QI Group, avoid the rut? In a feature for asPire Magazine, as reported by Reuters, Bismark launched into his day to day routine and cleared the air for some readers.

What you first need to know about Joseph Bismark is that he lived as a monk in the Philippine mountains until the age of nine. While nine isn’t exactly an advanced age, it was long enough to instill some life long lessons that he would carry with him into the world. Bismark passed on the simple life of being a monk and eventually found his way into the hyper stylized world of marketing for QI Group. How did Bismark handle the change from monk to marketing guru? It wasn’t always an easy transition but the young man did it his own way, and succeeded.

For Joseph Bismark there is little more to life than being busy. Bismark told asPire Magazine, “I believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” He would go on to detail his thoughts on how staying active keeps people sharp, and the constant push to succeed allows people to reach the “best version of ourselves.” So when most workers collapse onto their couch after a 50 hour work week, Bismark is just getting started. That isn’t to say his thoughts are always on work and, in fact, we’d argue the opposite.

Bismark is an avid practitioner of Yoga thanks to his early life lessons. He is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. He practices his forms every single day, keeping both his body and sharp. Bismark loads up a playlist of chants and mantras that allow him to focus while pushing his body to the limit. He is an avid consumer of Yoga literature and he is always working on his craft. When he isn’t practicing Yoga Bismark is pushing himself on his bicycle or in the swimming pool, where he trains almost daily.

Brian Bonar’s World As A Financial Executive

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Financial executives like Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers among others are usually considered to be in the business world as managers of financial matters only, but that’s not it. Top financial executives in most companies possess more than just financial professionalism. To make an excellent financial executive, one needs to embody the traits of an accomplished manager and a financial expert. Still, there are no quantifiable apparatus to gauge a real financial executive since the primary features seem to roll over with time. But it is prominent that some individuals with particular behaviors blend well with specific jobs. However, for financial executives so much entails to their traits and character and a superb blend produces the best example of a leader.

For our case, Brian Bonar serves as the best example of what a financial executive should really exude. Brian Bonar currently serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a top developer of color management software and an integrator as well as service corporation for digital imaging hardware. Since his inception into ITEC, Mr. Bonar has been able to generate higher returns on capital as a result of his efficient operating structure and use of capital. As part of his plans to jettison the organization, Mr. Bonar has included a leverage program on its expertise in imaging products and services. Strategic acquisitions that he has implemented have rapidly grown its market to that of providing imaging services and products.

He has maintained the balance of driving tough bargains but not too tough. He intuitively understands the need to motivate his staff as a way to continue working hard towards long-term corporate success. He has created value for the organizations he has served as a financial executive. The creation of long-term value has been his primary focus as a visionary leader. At ITEC, he has grown the company at an impressive rate by identifying opportunities to serve its target markets, both small and medium-sized companies by offering particular administrative services. He has been astute at developing new markets and abandoning them as they transcend from growth to exponential growth in his previous places of work. He is exemplary at managing the future and not the mirror, making him a favorite leader to many companies including IBM in the United Kingdom where he worked for almost 17 years.

Brian Bonar (Twitter) served as the President, CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director of TRUCEPT, INC. prior to ITEC where he also used to candor his duties with compassion and pragmatism. He has always been aware of how to deal with suppliers, customers as well as co-workers who failed to meet the expectations of the company. To add on those, the sense of urgency and flexibility are vital to the rapidly changing business environment and in keeping up the pace. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

Eric Pulier Still Holds Sway In IT Industry

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Eric Pulier’s involvement in technology goes back to his childhood. The current CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has always loved technology and how he could use it to make a better world. By his teen years, he knew more about computer programming than people who had been doing it all their lives. Over the years, he honed those skills and is now one of the most respected young tech experts in the business.

After graduating from Harvard University, Pulier made his way to Los Angeles. Within 10 years, he had already started 3 successful companies: People Doing Things, Starbright World and Digital Evolution. People began to stand up and take notice of Pulier’s technology skills. As word got around, his expertise was in high demand.

Pulier has worked for a number of private and governmental agencies. He has sat of the boards of many companies both in the U.S. and abroad. During the 1990s, Pulier was invited to sit on Vice President Al Gore’s technology forum. He also led the creation of the Washington Mall technology exhibit, “21st Century Road to Technology.” Plus, he’s written a book on Amazon.

Pulier is also the former CEO of Service Mesh, a software company that provides solutions to software technology. He was named CEO of Computer Service Corporation in 2008. During his tenure, the corporation has seen some of its best quarters in years. Under Pulier’s tenure, the company has secured its position as the government’s number one IT provider. Pulier says he is elated with all of the strides the company has made and hopes that the success will continue for years to come. Eric Pulier, former ServiceMesh CEO, is a well known entrepreneur.

Pulier provides his expertise to many organizations. He sits on the board of X-Prize. A foundation that focuses on technology innovations. He is also a contributor to the Painted Turtle, an organization devoted to helping children with life-threatening illnesses.

Man Rendered Handicapped in an Accident Fights Unscrupulous Insurance Company- and Wins

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Nearly losing your life in a head-on impact is difficult. Recovering a million dollar settlement is even more daunting, especially after going head-to-head with a know-it-all, hostile, penny-pinching insurance company with a reputation for eating their young.

Attorney Dan Newlin, of Dan Newlin & Partners made sure that his client Mr. Krutsinger, a man who nearly lost his life from injuries sustained from a head on collision with a car driven by a reckless, red-light running drunk driver would receive a fair and just settlement from the company that insured the men who almost took his life.

Mr. Krutsinger suffered a crippling brain injury, third-degree burns on his face and neck, multiple skeletal fractures and a herniated disc in his spinal column, essentially him for the rest of his life. The victim, plaintiff Mr. Krutsinger also underwent multiple facial reconstructive surgeries as a result of the accident. Medical professionals predict that Mr. Krutsinger will be handicapped for the rest of his life, requiring him to hire assistance professional caretakers. On top of the injuries Krutsinger, his Chevy Avalanche truck was also totaled, placing him in even deeper into debt.
Main Street America Group, The insurance company that questioned the validity of plaintiff, a man that was blindsided by the insurance companies reckless-driving policy owner- even though the debilitating injuries he faced in the crash rendered him useless for work and forced him to pay for multiple facial reconstruction surgeries and physical therapy on credit cards alone had a filed a lawsuit filed against them by The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners earlier this year.

in the span of almost 16 months, the Main Street America Group never presented a settlement opportunity to the plaintiff Mr. Krutsinger. Earlier this year, Dan Newlin, of The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners was instrumental in negotiating a $1 million settlement for the plaintiff, Mr. Krutsinger.

According to Dan Newlin, it is criminal for an insurance agency to deny an injured victim the right to pay for reconstructive surgery by withholding the settlement that the plaintiff is entitled to, especially when police reports and medical statements exist that support the injuries that the plaintiff claim. According to sources, Mr. Krutsinger was forced to pay for multiple surgeries and physical therapy on credit cards because he was rendered unable to work. Here, Dan Newlin was written about by PRNewsWire.

Dan Newlin of Dan Newlin & Partners , an attorney with multiple offices around the country, including major cities on the East Coast and Midwest states how heartbreaking it is to see victims whose lives are ruined by the reckless actions careless drivers, and lied to month after month by unscrupulous insurance companies, adding insult to injury.

Adam Sender’s Love for Art

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

It is important to understand the history of art and the various forms of art. Art has undergone various reforms eve since its birth. Art collectors are extremely selective. They exactly know what they want and can do all they can to get the right pieces they wish to add to their art collections. To achieve this, it needs a lot of research and spending a considerable amount of time and money. The research is because of the existence of different tastes and preferences among different people. As such, they ought to find distinction and variation to suit all the tastes and preferences. Inflicting various emotions among viewers is not an easy job.

Adam Sender has, over the past two decades, collected a leading collection in the contemporary art. He has achieved this by gravitating the cusp of stardom. We can say Adam Sender is a mega collector of art. He has thrived and survived in the industry by making small choices over and over again in over two decades. To create a large collection that is coherent, it takes a guiding intelligence. At only 45 years of age, Adam Sender has amassed an enormous piece of work from the best artists all over which is why we can say all that is not only personal but also precious. Having featured in the Sotheby’s magazine dated April 4th, 2014, the Sender collection featured 400 works from 139 artists. Indeed for one person, this is entirely an astounding amount of works. The Chairman of the Sotheby Magazine of the Americas, Lisa Dennison worked with Adam Sender. He was then the chief curator of the Guggenheim Museum. Adan Sender has acquired weighty art historical moments as Palmieri put it. Adam Sender also has an IMDB profile.

Finding the right work that meets the criteria of the white noise of the art world is a difficult task. The reason is that Adam Sender has a focus knack. Besides, his ability to hone in is entirely exceptional as Sarah Aibel understands. She has worked alongside Sender helping him in discovering a younger generation of artists. Sarah describes Adam Sender to be having that kind of laser vision as he can create two best pieces from a multiple of them, even if 25 works surround him at once. There are various confessions about the work of Adan Sender’s works. The works are not only intellectually stimulating, but they are also visually appealing. When he started the work, Adam Sender had no idea that he would amass a collection enough to loan to a museum, but he surely did. For Adam nature, the experience is a long-term one in nature. It only takes to be passionate, and the rest will be smooth.

Ben E. King dies at 76

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Soul singer Ben E. King, who is best known for his single Stand By Me has died at the age of 76, the BBC reports. During his long and successful career, which began in the late 1950s the star was responsible for writing and singing three sings that made the Rock n Roll Hall of fame list of 500 most influential pop songs. King was born with the name Benjamin Nelson, but adopted the name King after leaving The Drifters after a dispute over pay with the manager of the band.

King worked as a successful solo artist for a number of years after leaving The Drifters and had intended many of his most successful solo hits to be recorded by The Drifters. His hits include Spanish Harlem, which established him as a solo star before the release of Stand By Me added to his fame. The There Goes My Baby singer enjoyed a career renaissance when Stand By Me was used as the title song for a successful movie in the 1980s and featured in a number of commercials. King’s manager announced that his client had died on Thursday, news met with a large number of fellow artists and profesionals like Jason Halpern expressing their sorrow on various forms of social media.