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Unroll Me : Making Email Work For Us

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018


Email according to CEO Jojo Hedaya is one of the most frustrating things people deal with on a daily bases, with over 183 Billion emails sent every day it’s no wonder why people can’t keep an organized email account. But blaming email is not the solution, an email is a great tool that we simply tend to run amok with itself and we end up with over-bloated inboxes.


Unroll Me, an app-based service that provides email users the ability to remove or divide into sections their subscriptions is now available to Android users. Although the service was available to all smartphone users, those with Android mobile phones had to go the website, sign up and they were able to use Unroll.Me to clean up their email. CEO Jojo Hedaya says he is extremely proud of his team for upgrading the app’s interface.


You’re probably wondering how Unroll Me is any different than simply canceling your subscriptions. In the beginning, the idea for Unroll was to create a system much like Tinder that allows you to swipe left to unsubscribe from a company’s newsletter or swipe up to keep those subscriptions that you like in different folders. CEO Jojo Hedaya adds that he believes this is the best option in the market to remove unwanted clutter from your inbox. But do people really have so many subscriptions? Data shows that the average American has over 63 subscriptions, many which are hardly seen or simply deleted. Visit This Page for additional information.


Hedaya states that the quest by other companies to delete unwanted subscriptions had good intentions, however, many of the services completed only 75% of the job. It was then that companies had it all wrong, the real goal was to organize a personal email. He further states that he is confident in the direction the company is heading towards and thanks all his team for allowing people to finally declutter and organize their email accounts.


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