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Venezuelan Food Shortage may Lead to Long-Term Health Risk

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Venezuelan citizen Jose Manuel González reported in a recent statement that when he went to the butcher not long ago, he would buy himself steak and get cow lung for his dog. Now, Gonzalez says, if he can get meat at all he is getting himself the cow lung.
There has been for some time in Venezuela a shortage of basic foods, so citizens have had to resort to whatever they can find.

Milk, meat and beans are sold at very high prices, if they can be found at all, and so many have resolved to eat pasta and rice, or cornmeal, which people report doesn’t have the quality of nutrition that the others have.

In a recent poll done by 3 top universities in Venezuela, 12% polled said they weren’t eating even 3 meals per day, and in a sample of 4,000 school children, 30% were polled as malnourished.

Due to the country’s reliance on oil, the dropping prices have reduced the import of food.

Rafael Camacho, originally from the countryside in Barlovento, has tried to use the farming skills he learned on his farm as a child to grow food and feed his 9-member family. He has grown corn, squash, bananas and beans to name a few, as well as herbs.