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Live Your Best Life With Dr. Johanan Rand

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Driven by his passion for medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand offers his expertise with the goal of helping others live their best lives. Founder of the Healthy Ageing Medical Centers located in West Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Rand is a Physiatrist, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation Doctor. He has trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York.

At Healthy Medical Center, Dr. Johanan Rand focuses on aiding and healing patients with weight loss issues and other various conditions that tend to plague those who are later in life.

Currently working on his own book, “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100,” Dr. Johanan Rand is a health and fitness expert whose practice focuses on wellness programs that include IV nutrient therapy and alternative healing solutions to conditions that need support for weight loss and anti-aging. It was this type of passion and focus that led Dr. Rand to develop his HCG diet program.

Dr. Johanan Rand offers his HCG diet to patients who are tired of slow diet programs with little to no results. His program offers quick, individualized results in shorter time. There are many tests that prove HCG can help avoid degenerative muscle weakening in individuals who receive eating regimens to help with weight reduction. Dr. Rand makes understanding the reasoning behind the science easy and more importantly, he is compassionate and understanding of his patients’ needs and concerns throughout the program.

Dr. Rand works towards treating and healing the whole person. Over the course of his more than 15 years in medicine, he has treated many acute and chronic pain patients through the traditional use of anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections. Also, versed in non-traditional medicine, Dr. Rand is certified in Medical Acupuncture.

Through his passion for his practice and his patients, Dr. Johanan Rand, continues to help countless others live their best, healthiest lives.