Charity in the Aid of Autism through Autism Rocks

January 18th, 2016 by admin

There are various conditions that affect human beings but they are so rare to the point that not so many people know about them. Those people who know about them are mostly victims or people whose family members or relatives have been victims. It is for this reason that information about these rare conditions is not available in most health facilities or in the internet. One of those rare conditions is autism which a condition experienced from childhood which is characterized by difficulty in connecting with people through communication or through other activities. The main cause is a disorder in the development of the brains from the early age.
Being a rare condition, not so many people know about it and as a result resource centres have been set to help in the research of the condition so as to help those who have been affected by the condition. These resource centres conduct research on how to improve the lives of people living with autism since it is a permanent condition.
Other people have come up with charity organisations to help those suffering from the conditions through financial assistance. Example of those charitable organisations that have been formed to help people living with the condition with the condition is Autism Rocks which was founded by Sanjay Shah whose son is a victim of the condition. The organisation raises its money for the noble course through organising music gigs which people attend and the proceeds go towards helping in research on the condition.
Sanjay Shah is a British multimillionaire who moved to Dubai in 2009 and settled there. After his studies at King’s College University in UK, he worked for various firms before founding his own firm called Solo Capital which is an investment and brokerage firm in 2008. The firm grew to a point of hiring more than 100 financial experts.
His drive to support autism was when he was informed about his son having autism. As a way of helping the community, he funded various research centres before finally coming with the Autism Rocks which raises funds through hosting a number of international artists both in London and Dubai.

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