Charlamagne Tha God And Eminem Diss

September 3rd, 2018 by admin


No one was prepared for a surprise album from Eminem, but a lot of fans appear to be very impressed with the content. Charlamagne Tha God is one person that has also taken time to speak about the album and clear his thoughts about the diss. He has stated that he did not necessarily believe that Eminem was sending out a diss.


In an interview with, Charlamagne stated that he thought the previous album was wack, but he believed that even Eminem himself thought this his last project was bad. He stated that this is why he believed Eminem decided to drop the new surprise “Kamikaze” album. He knew that he would have to make a better return after having such a weak album prior to that. This is what Charlamagne Tha God believes was the reason for this new album.


In this return with the new album Eminem decided to touch on a number of issues as he dissed other artists like Drake and Joe Budden. There is also a shot that Eminem takes at Machine Gun Kelly as well. This appears to be a reoccurring battle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Charlamagne has been someone that has been very vocal about various topics, and he never hides when he does not like certain material. When he spoke about the Eminem album it was clear that he was not impressed with “The Revival” album, but he has stated that he is a fan of the new “Kamikaze” album that recently dropped. People are also praising the artwork for this album because it resembles the old Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill” album.


Many people are wondering if Eminem, with an aging fan base, will make a decision to go out on top with an album such as this or if he will continue to rap. Charlamagne Tha God has stated that this is one of the stronger albums from Eminem in the last several years. It is a true indication that he may be getting back to the excellence in rap that he has been known for in the early parts of his career. Refer to This Article for more information.


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