Charlamagne Tha God- Taking His Life In A New Direction

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Charlamagne Tha God has had his fair share of suffering from anxiety. He talks about this and other things going on in his life in his newest book about his struggles. Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me,is his second book and it talks a lot about the vulnerable side he deals with as a radio host. It also goes more into detail about his decision to finally go to therapy for help.


Book Title Based On Song From Mobb Deep


When choosing his new book’s title, Charlamagne Tha God decided to name it after a song by the group Mobb Deep called “Shook Ones.” The song itself refers to not being soft or “shook” about anything. However, Charlamagne tha God is honest about the fact that he is “shook” and has realized that a lot of things he has done were out of fear. These fears he has had were based on fights that he had been involved in years ago. He goes on to explain they were irrational fears and had to do with a lot of the racism he received.


Being Judged For His Past


Charlamagne Tha God hates that people feel it is necessary to bring up things he did wrong in the past, even when it was 10 or more years ago. He said it’s fine to judge the old him. However, the new version of himself deserves to be judged differently. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan and gave his thoughts on the team during a recent interview. See This Page for more information.


#MeToo Movement Thoughts


During his interview, Charlamagne Tha God also spoke of his thoughts about the #MeToo Movement. He has two daughters himself and believes it is important for women to be able to stand up to men. He also talks about racism in his new book. He uses the term “Blackanoid” throughout. This term references the fact that black Americans feel like they are paranoid being the color they are. He feels that many have anxiety because of it. When he turned 39, he decided to go and attend therapy sessions to discuss his own anxiety issues. Between his therapy and faith, he has come a long way and feels he is finally starting to heal.


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