Dave McDonald Leads OSI Group to Global Acquisitions and Supplies

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The young generation of business leaders is optimistic about making it big in business. Of course, with the growing demand for emerging products and services in different industries, it is factual that these youthful business leaders need mentors for aspiration. Therefore, they must look in specific areas in order to find admirable leaders that can motivate them in all their endeavors. Dave McDonald is a role model. He has been in the industry of meat production for decades. Here is a narration of his career and contribution to this industry.

How McDonald Came to Support OSI Group

McDonald grew up in the busy farms of Iowa. He worked closely with his father and managed to garner extensive experience in farming and agriculture. That way, he developed a passion for agriculture. Even so, he loved formal education and wanted to explore better options in life. So still at a tender age, McDonald worked hard and enrolled in school. He cleared his secondary education then decided to pursue high learning from the Iowa State University.

Career and Experience

Dave McDonald completed his education then joined the OSI Industries. Being hardworking, he ensured that OSI Industries was providing the relevant services and products to its clients. That way, he rose up the ranks of leadership and became the chief operations officer. Doubling as the president, McDonald applied his exceptional leadership skills in guiding employees and board of directors. So far, McDonald is an expert and one of the most respected team leaders in the industry.

Global Expansion

Furthermore, with OSI Group being a leading company in food production, McDonald has ensured that there is global food supply. That is why when Baho Food was acquired in 2016, Dave McDonald was impressed and in a statement, he said that the move was an impressive strategy towards garnering more sales and additional market niche.

Additional Information

Currently, Dave McDonald is on the forefront of making sure that all consumers are catered to in every possible way. That is why as the major supplier of beef patties, Pizza, and sandwiches, the company continues to acquire additional facilities to benefit the business.


Apart from leading the Baho Food acquisition, Dave McDonald has guided OSI Group through additional profitable endeavors. That is why in 2012, OSI Group launched several projects including the expansion of a beef processing factory in Poland. That expansion grew the business by 30 percent.

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