Don Ressler Is Working To Deliver Products To Make Women Proud Along With Kate Hudson In Fabletics

November 3rd, 2017 by admin

Don Ressler is the co-CEO of Techstyle Fashion Group along with Adam Goldenberg, and one company that’s been a big focus of theirs is Fabletics, a company that’s focused on making athletic wear both appealing and affordable for all women. What he and Goldenberg have done is take surveys on what their customer base has liked instead of following what other retailers have put out, and they’ve also introduced all-inclusive sizes to the brand. But perhaps most importantly is the work that’s been done with Kate Hudson who’s been not only an attractive model for the brand, but also a warm personality to endorse it. Fabletics is only one company that Ressler has taken great pride in.

Don Ressler has been an innovator from an early age and one of the internet’s earliest proponents of e-commerce. One of the first web-based companies he founded was which is still a company today. From there he was chosen to join a group of developers and marketing specialists at Intermix Media, the company that would start MySpace in 2004. While there, Ressler met Adam Goldenberg who had come from similar roots as he did and the two men decided to make Intermix Media into an even bigger marketing platform. The two men founded several brands and took on e-commerce quite well, but they left the company in 2006 when News Corp took over.

Ressler and Goldenberg began to explore other niches in cosmetics and beauty sales, and they began with Intelligent Beauty which grew from a household startup into a fairly large company. In 2010, they began experimenting with the fashion industry and bouncing ideas off of other industry experts and models. And in a short time their initial company JustFab was born. It began as solely a women’s trendy apparel subscription-based company that sold exclusively online, but it slowly began to buy up other companies and does now have men’s apparel.

Ressler and Goldenberg’s company was able to grow not only because of great innovations but also because investors jumped on board funding over $280 million in venture capital. Ressler and Goldenberg used that funding to open up brick and mortar stores and expand across the nation. Ressler decided to rebrand the company to Techstyle Fashion Group because the company has relied heavily on data analytics and other big technology to bring enhanced customer experience and they’ve felt it’s been part of their message.

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