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February 22nd, 2019 by admin

Edwin Miranda is a successful CEO that has grown and established his company in marketing. At the age of 21, he understood his passion and followed. Ever since then, it has helped major brands around the world. His goal was to increase customer base of clients by using performance driven marketing. The techniques used by his company are known marketing theologies, he is also coming up with new ways to improve the quality of results. On his journey, he managed to learn how to effectively work and relate with people. He works with designers, analysts and creatives to get the best possible content and value for money. As every highly efficient person, Edwin Miranda wakes up early and uses his time wisely. At the start of the day he takes time to exercise, running or sometimes riding a bike around his place. By 7:30, he’s already at the office ready for his first meeting of the day and uses ‘Fantastical 2’ to organize and monitor his achievements. With time management like this, it’s no surprise why he is highly successful.

Even though his company thrives, Edwin Miranda is still looking for ways to improve the quality of the results. Part of what he looks towards is predictive marketing. The algorithm behind this technique allows analyst interact with the marketing structure in such a way that seems fictional to traditional marketer. If he was to give a message to his younger self, he would encourage himself to take risks, make mistake and grow from them. Along with that would be a bold nature that defies the norm and creates the unexpected. His conscientiousness through out the years have given him the edge at this point in his life. Good time management has definitely played a part in the running of KOI IXS.

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